Episode 038 “Equifax or Equihacks…AMIRIGHT?!”

September 12, 2017 digitalSoup Podcast 0

Has Equifax hung it’s customers out to dry with the recent hack? Nintendo urges customers not to overpay for Mini SNES Classic, do you believe them? iPhones shooting covers for TIME magazine, say what now? Will Facebook make a move to become the next Netflix? The guys talk about all of this and a whole bunch more so pull up Read More

Episode 036 “Origin Stories and Rooster Pirates”

August 29, 2017 digitalSoup Podcast 0

The movie industry is in a constant state of reboots and remakes, but what are the Origin stories you actually want to see? How secure do you feel online? Have you ever tried some RetroPie? In this episode the guys tackle some news about Funko getting hacked on Twitter, some great info about how VPN’s work and then the main Read More

Episode 035 “Marveling at Fertility”

August 22, 2017 digitalSoup Podcast 0

Have we hit peak Marvel saturation? Is it worth watermarking your photos? Would you trust an app as your only source of contraception? The digitalSoup crew tackle all of that and so much more, including the new Essential Phone, some sad Deadpool 2 news and a new release of the original Starcraft that’s been remastered for your gaming pleasure! Stay Read More

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