GameGuru & The Gamer Gurlz Play – Hello Neighbor Alpha 2

January 3, 2017 Dave Szweduik 0

Today I have a special treat, we are not only playing the second alpha release of Hello Neighbor but I am also joined by three lovely ladies … Little Princess, Annya Girly-Girl and MyHartSparkles! They are helping me with this game since they have watched 1000s of videos of it on YouTube and know the ins and outs of the Read More

GameGuru First Play Series: Episode 003 – NBA 2K16

December 19, 2016 Dave Szweduik 0

It’s my first basketball game since the original Xbox days! I suck but I will blame that all on not knowing the controls ha ha. As I teased in the video my favorite basketball game of all time was Konami’s Double Dribble on the Nintendo Entertainment System! Greatest sports game in history! Please follow and like us:

GameGuru First Play Series: Episode 001 – WWE 2K16

December 5, 2016 Dave Szweduik 0

I picked up WWE 2K16 on Black Friday through Steam for $14.99 with all DLC so I couldn’t pass it up. This is a first play of the game for me and I was not very good. Game is great though, definitely think you should check it out. Please follow and like us:

GameGuru Plays Series: Ark Scorched Earth – Episode 003

November 11, 2016 Dave Szweduik 0

Taming a Jerboa! Welcome to my new series on Ark: Survival Evolved. I will be playing on the Scorched Earth expansion and be providing tips and strategies on how to survive this harsh climate If you would like to support me please Like the video and click Subscribe to be notified when a new video is playing. If you want Read More

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