digitalSoup Reviews : Gerber Freeman Guide Folder

May 16, 2018 Dave Szweduik 0

We’ve talked before about essential EDC(Every Day Carry) items and Usually Dave has a review of one of his favorite EDC items, the Gerber Freeman Guide Folder. Will this offering from Gerber provide a solid solution to your EDC knife needs? Let’s dive in and see!

Usually Dave’s Everyday Carry breakdown

December 6, 2017 Dave Szweduik 2

If you listened to Episode 50, you’ll know that Usually Dave had a TON of stuff he carries around every day. If you haven’t listened yet, be sure to check that out over at Episode 050 “Net Neutrality and an AWESOME Windscribe Give Away”. THEN check out the post pinned to the top of our page titled Windscribe VPN Giveaway!