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Episode 013 “Must have apps, maps and ‘Alexa … get me a beer!’”


The guys talk video game worlds, worlds depicted in wood, Austin Powers, Hawaii joins the Union, drive-thru liquor, Schlitz, Cannabis Conversation, pocket instruments, go to apps, podcast apps, Reddit, Face swapping, more apps and a crazy long riddle.

Ten Largest worlds in video games – (Listener submitted via Twitter by Matt (@MW_Mapboy))

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

History of The Elder Scrolls

Check out a company called “Origin Artwork”

Alexa making beer runs

Pocket Guitar

The hosts Go-To Apps:

    • Dave: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Smugmug, Spotify
    • Jason: Facebook, Google Plus, Finch, Podcast Addict, Banking, ebay, Steam, Texting, Chomp SMS – games: dragon quest 8, minecraft
    • Adam: ??

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