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Episode 016 “The Dallas Hack, Jason’s Back, and The Man in Black”


The guys cover a smorgasbord of topic today including hacking, movies, baseball, password security and the answer to the hour long riddle!

Dallas Siren Hack – Big news out of Texas as someone hacks the public siren system and the guys decide the Dallas Sirens should be the name of a sports team. 


Xbox One Game Pass – Did Xbox finally hit a homerun with the concept of a monthly subscription gaming model? Is this the ideal fit for gamers on a budget?


Pittsburgh Pirates bring the Super Mario Fun – Baseball is already America’s pastime but in Pittsburgh they brought the fun level up to the next level. 

It’s time to talk movies! How about a little discussion of the new Thor : Ragnarok movie trailer, The Dark Tower Series and a full host of other movie talk, including how 2017 is set for a huge year full of action/adventure movies, check out the Movie Release Schedule! 




Password Security is becoming more and more important in today’s society and Adam has a great recommendation on a service to help keep it all secure. Check out Keepass.


Cool App/Site of the Week: Flipboard

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