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Episode 018 “Games, Apps and Quiz Show Facts”


It’s another big week with Utomik announcing a brand new subscription gaming service, Nintendo announcing plans for the SNES Mini and Apple removing the price tag on a few of it’s most popular apps! Then Jason has a big surprise for us as he debuts an all new game, the digitalSoup Quiz show! Can Adam and Usually Dave manage to get a single question right?! The X-Files dropped some news and then we wrap up with a great listener question about being frustrated with the video quality coming out of his DSLR camera and if there is something he can do about it or should he just use his phone?

Utomik Subscription PC Game Service

Currently in open beta Utomik is a subscription PC game service similar to what Microsoft is doing with their X-Box One Game Pass.  The service currently has 505 games and it says they add about 30 games a month.  There are triple A titles from a few years back and a lot of “mobile” looking games.  Subscriptions are cheap (at least during beta) with a single license being $6 and a family play for $10 (allows up to four family members to log in).  Definitely a service to watch.

SNES Mini A Reality?

We joked about it in last week’s show, but it looks like it’s been confirmed that the NES Classic Mini : Super Nintendo Entertainment System may be scheduled for release this Christmas. Rumor? Wishful thinking? Fact? IF the SNES mini is real, what games do you want to see on it?


Apple has made these apps free for all Mac and iOS users

Apple has rolled out updates to three of its own apps — iMovie, GarageBand and iWork suite (including Numbers, Keynote and Pages) — making them free for all the iOS and macOS users.  This is great news for everyone except for those that have just purchased it! Will Apple issue refunds to make it right?


The X-Files Is Returning for a New 10-Episode Season

“Fox has commissioned a second 10-episode series of The X-Files event series” Time reports.  Gillian Anderson, who plays Dana Scully, has also been tweeting about it to David Duchovny asking “You ready for more of this @davidduchovny? 🔦 #TheXFiles”  This is great news for all conspiracy theorists out there!

New Superhero Comic, Project Grand Shadows, doing something brilliant

A homeless man recruited to take part in an experiment that goes wrong…. Sure, a fairly common comic book theme….but instead of each panel being hand drawn and illustrated they are using highly stylized photos. What do you think comic book fans? Super cool new twist to be excited about or just a silly gimmick? Could comic book photography be the next big genre of photography? Follow the full project on their website  and for behind the scenes video check out the YouTube channel here!


DSLRGuide – A great YouTube channel for learning more about DSLR Video technique and filmmaking.

Epic Tutorials – As the name implies, some epic tutorials entirely focused on creating better mobile content and getting the most out of your mobile gear.

Richard Lackey – Amazing filmmaker with a specialty in getting the absolute most out of his mobile phone footage. Proof that you don’t need the most expensive gear to make compelling movies.

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