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Episode 019 “Siri on the Rampage and Zombie Puns a-plenty!”


Welcome back Souper Friends! As we know competition breeds innovation and we all benefit from that! This week finds Apple throwing punches at Amazon and Google, event photographers get the FriiDesigns TriLens Holder to make life easier and AMD Ryzen continues to impress. But wait, there’s more! We get into some great talk about gaming with the Analogue NT Mini, GameGuru shows us some gameplay from a couple new games and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shares a glimpse at a new movie based on the classic game, Rampage. Not to mention a ton of great zombie puns so buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Apple’s Siri speaker could be announced at WWDC in June

Apple fires back and Alexa and Google Home may have some new competition coming soon.  It’s been leaked that the new device will debut at WWDC and may share design elements with the old Mac “Trash Can”. Will Apple slap down Amazon and Google or is the war just heating up?

FriiDesigns TriLens Holder

As a photographer do you ever struggle with what to do with the extra lenses you have bouncing around your camera bag? You can’t leave them home because you need them while you are shooting but it can be a pain trying to find a comfortable and convenient solution to carrying them with you. With a brand new kickstarter set to end in just a couple days, Frii Designs may have the perfect solution in their new TriLens holder, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?


Latest AMD Ryzen chipset drivers are good news for Windows 10 64-bit users
AMD Ryzen continues to battle the mighty Intel and has continued to come out swinging with some great news for Windows 10 64-bit users. Competition is essential in any industry, but especially so within the tech world, can AMD take a significant piece of Intel’s pie?


Analogue NT mini

Did you miss out on the NES Classic Console? Never fear, for the low low price of just $450 you can play all of the original NES/Famicom cartridges all in glorious 1080P and a full wireless controller setup!

Game Guru YouTube Channel

Check out Jason’s gameplay review of Axiom Verge and subscribe to his channel while you’re there!

Dwayne Johnson Reveals New Rampage Movie Plot Details

April Fools joke at the end of April? No such thing!  “The Rock” and director Brad Peyton bring us the story of three animals injected with a serum that makes them grow uncontrollably and they try to destroy the world.  Sound familiar? No? Think back to the classic game of the same title, Rampage. How about now? Also starring Negan himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Malin Akerman, Joe Manganiello and Moonlight Oscar nominee Naomie Harris, will this one be worth the wait or one to pass on?


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Hemmingway App Polish up your writing to be more direct and concise, all for absolutely free!

HackerTyper Ever wanted to look and feel like a hardcore hacker, this site can absolutely do the trick!

Rapture-PaloozaFun Anna Kendrick movie about the end of the world.

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