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Episode 021 “The Amazon Echo set to Show off a new trick”


As the digital assistant wars heat up the Amazon Echo Show comes out with a brand new touchscreen feature while Microsoft’s Cortana get’s a holographic upgrade. Some big releases for XBox One and their backwards compatibility sale and the release of Injustice 2, both happening May 16th. The new Star Trek: Discovery series is winding up, tiny drone technology coming to the military and law enforcement and Jason has a special thank you and treat for all digitalSoup listeners with an invite to his own personal server on the great pc game, Ark: Survival Evolved.


Feed me and it will give me life. But give me a drink and I will die. What am I?


Amazon Echo Show: The digital assistant wars continue to heat up as Amazon announced the Echo Show, a new hybrid of the popular Echo device that now includes a 7” touchscreen to allow Alexa to not just give you answers, but show them to you. From watching YouTube videos, such as those done by Jason on gaming and Dave on photography, to making video calls and of course all of the standard Echo functionality this has potential to be the next direction in the war between Apple, Google and Amazon. But what about Microsoft’s Cortana? Who cares you say? Well, according to Microsoft there are more than 145 million users of their personal assistant within Windows 10, but one man has taken it to the next level. Mr. Jarem Archer has taken it upon himself to build a “holographic” version of the famous Cortana, much like we saw in the popular gaming series Halo.


Huge Sale on XBox One backwards compatibility games starting May 16th!: All XBox One owners get set as games will be discounted up to 75%! Full list of titles is not yet available but so far the expected sales will include Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV and Skate 3.


Star Trek: Discovery: While there has been no official release date set, this prequel to Star Treck: The Original Series is set to star Riann Wilson and looks to give Trek fans a brand new series to dive into. But there is a catch, being able to watch it may be tricky.

Creepy Lights Out video short that the feature lengthy movie was based on. Watch at your own risk because this one takes the creepy factor up to 11!


Tiny drones giving soldiers more visual range: The Snipe Nano Quadrotor, a pocket sized drone made by AeroVironment, is set to be added to the regular arsenal of our soldiers in the battlefield. Created to be nearly silent, they have great range and a top speed of 22mph, it’s another great tool to help keep our soldiers safe. Should also be released to our law enforcement agencies by the end of the year. Great tool or getting too close to big brother-esque spying?


Jason’s Ark: Survival Evolved Personal Server

Calling all Ark: Survival Evolved players, the Arkhaeologists server had just reset to zero with a fresh copy of The Volcano map! Come check out this private server with lots of great mods and multipliers. We would love to build a community of like minded nerds having fun and you might see some of us digitalSoup hosts in game! Jason is the owner of this server so you might see him off and on for sure! This is digitalSoup’s gift to our listeners.


INJUSTICE 2 RELEASED: The super popular DC Comics game that allows you to battle through a cinematic storyline and finally settle the score of who would actually win in a fight between Superman and Batman is set to release May 16th and it looks epic! The good folks over at Gamespot have put together a list of all the characters included/announced so far with actual gameplay screen captures of each if you want to have a look.

Injustice 2 free in the app store to give you a little taste and hold you over if you can’t pick up the full game for your console.


Don’t forget, Souper Friends, if you head over to Origin Artwork you can score an extra 20% off your order by using the promo code “DIGITALSOUP” in the checkout box so be sure to take advantage of it while you can!


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