Episode 033 “Skip the Cutscene special guest and our top 5 video games we want to see as movies!”

Episode 033 “Skip the Cutscene special guest and our top 5 video games we want to see as movies!”

This week on digitalSoup we have a very special guest, James from the excellent gaming podcast,  Skip the Cutscene! We look at Samsung’s giant new TV, Madden football brings a story-mode to it’s latest offering, a special surprise quiz show from Jason before the guys run down a list of their top 5 video games they’d love to see made into movies!

Weekly Riddle:

Usually Dave strikes out hard in the riddle department!

Answer at the end of the episode!

Samsung’s massive new 88 inch Q9 TV now at Best Buy

Sporting an enormous screen, 4k resolution, HDR and built in Wi-Fi this TV is the perfect compliment to your new Mini NES at a great price!

The new Madden storymode a “Longshot”
Trying to keep the franchise fresh, a new story mode follows a player that has been away from football for 3 years and now is making one last effort to make it to the NFL. Do you want story modes in your sports games?

The Weekly Garnish

RAVPower FileHub Plus
For most of us, our mobile phone battery life can be an issue and there are ton of inexpensive options for portable chargers to give your phone a boost while away from home. But if you can have a portable charger that is also a effectively an external hard drive storage device with it’s own wi-fi, well that’s when things get interesting! We’ve been talking about mobile video kits on a budget a little bit and this is an accessory that, especially for iPhone users, can be a lifesaver. It effectively lets you have unlimited storage for your iPhone to backup all of the 4k video footage you’ve been shooting, allowing you to transfer your files to SD cards and keep your phone storage free! Best part, it’s only $40!

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