Episode 035 “Marveling at Fertility”

Episode 035 “Marveling at Fertility”

Have we hit peak Marvel saturation? Is it worth watermarking your photos? Would you trust an app as your only source of contraception? The digitalSoup crew tackle all of that and so much more, including the new Essential Phone, some sad Deadpool 2 news and a new release of the original Starcraft that’s been remastered for your gaming pleasure! Stay hungry Souper Friends because the digitalSoup is on!

Is this new Android based phone going to be as it claims, the essential new android phone everyone must have or is it just too ambitious for its own good?

An app as birth control?
A smartphone app called Natural Cycles has now been certified as a medical device for contraception in Europe. How does it work, will it be certified here in the US next and most importantly, could you ever trust a smartphone app in this situation?

Photographers that use watermarks, Google says beware!
Google has shown how easy it is to remove your visible watermark from your images as well as a way to “trick” those automated systems from working correctly.

Deadpool 2 tragedy
Stunt-Woman dies in motorcycle accident on set.

Marvel movie and TV news:

With The Defenders released last friday, a new teaser for The Punisher hitting YouTube and even another trailer for Thor:Ragnarok (Yes it’s an International Trailer) are we still excited about these movies and these universes or have we hit a bit of “Peak Marvel Saturation”?




Starcraft Remastered goes Live (and Battle.net is back)

Call your Korean buddies, Starcraft is back and looking better than ever!

The Weekly Garnish

Numark DJ2GO2

It’s the smallest full-featured DJ controller on the market. Designed to fit across a standard laptop, the DJ2GO2 is built to not take up any additional space during a performance or practice.

Last Day on Earth: SurvivalLast Day on Earth is a FREE MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game, where all survivors are driven by one target: stay alive and survive as long as you can in this post apocalypse game and shoot walking dead zombies.  It plays like Ark: Survival Evolved with zombies.

Music Credit

Intro Background Music: The Run by Kai Engel. licensed under an Attribution License.

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