Episode 040 “Si, Cleaner, you’ve been hacked.”

Episode 040 “Si, Cleaner, you’ve been hacked.”

The guys ring in their 40th episode by looking back at some of the tech innovations and geek happenings from 40 years ago, umm Star Wars anybody?! They also touch base on news from Amazon and Google both having new smart home devices on the horizon, will Nintendo get in bed with Netflix and of course some fun movie news to finish up the turning 40 celebration!

Weekly Riddle:

Lovely and Round, I shine with pale light, Grown in the pale darkness, A ladies delight.

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CCleaner the latest software to get hacked

It never seems to end as this time CCleaner by Avast has been exposed to malware by hackers.

Netflix coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Based on some reports, it seems like Netlix may be headed to the Nintendo Switch. But fans of the Nintendo handheld are split on if this is good or not. What do you think Souper Friends?

40 years ago the tech world was changing

Taking a look back at what sort of tech was out there 40 years ago, 1977. It’s actually a pretty big year for tech, gadgets and geekery!

Amazon’s latest tablet is also an Echo?

With the announcement of the new Fire HD 10. Amazon has added the hands free voice services of Alexa to their latest tablet. At around the $200 mark, is this new tablet a viable alternative to the highly acclaimed iPad?

Amazon is also looking at Smart Glasses
See what I did there, “looking” at “Smart Glasses”. Anyways, it seems that Amazon wants a piece of that sweet Google Glass Pie. Though as of now they aren’t looking at a screen for the glasses, simply a bone conducted Alexa voice assistant built right in.

The Google Home Mini

IF this ends up being a real thing, which we’ll know soon since Google is set to announce it in early October, Google will be doing their best to take a potentially serious bite out of Amazon’s bottom line.

Blasting through some movie and tv talk, the guys discuss the new Tomb Raider trailer set to release in 2018, an intense looking survival movie called The Mountain Between Us starring Idris Elba and Kate Winslett, The Punisher dropping sometime soon, but Netflix is being tight lipped about it and of course the new Star Trek series that just debuted along with The Orville.




The Weekly Garnish

The hype for Thor 3 : Ragnarok continues with a terrific new trailer done by The Nerdist as a complete 1987 version of what this movie trailer would have looked like in the 80’s.


Kung Fury
Another super fun 80’s style short film that you really should go enjoy if you haven’t already!

Music Credit

Intro Background Music: The Run by Kai Engel. licensed under an Attribution License.

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