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Episode 041 “Going Against The Grain With Special Guest Cody Priebe”

Joining us this week to geek out is a very special guest from the Against the Grain podcast, Mr. Cody Priebe! We talk about the iPhone 8 Plus and its photo capabilities, classic gaming with the Commodore 64, CCleaner not so clean and getting worse and of course some fun movie talk including Nightwing, X-Men: Dark Phoenix and of course the Terminator news!

Weekly Riddle:

George, Helen, and Steve are drinking coffee. Bert, Karen, and Dave are drinking soda. Is Elizabeth drinking coffee or soda?

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iPhone 8 discussion with Cody Priebe

Cody is a friend of the show, photographer and fellow podcaster with his photography show Against the Grain. You can find his photography work over at his Website, which includes a great blog post about the iPhone 8 Camera Review. Of course you can also find him on Twitter and Instagram.

iPhone 8 Plus video sample

Fantastic video sample of the capabilities of the iPhone 8 Plus 4K video from Matteo Bertoli Visuals

The Commodore 64 Mini coming in 2018

With all the classic consoles rising from the dead to pry money from our hands it was just a matter of time before a classic computer followed suit!  It was retail for $70 and even though it has a keyboard it is not functional … but … you can hook up a USB keyboard and really program on the commuter.  It will come will come with 64 games installed.

CCleaner Infection More Severe Than Thought, Targeted Microsoft, Google, Samsung

Even more bad news for users of CCleaner.  We now know the attack was worse than initially thought. The CCleaner malware could be used to deliver a second-stage payload that would run on local systems and perform various tasks. This isn’t an unusual malware feature, but researchers didn’t think the capability had been used in this case. We now know that it was, and that some of the internet’s biggest players were targeted.

Nightwing Movie Still Doesn’t Have The Title Character Cast

CinemaBlend reported that director Chris McKay tweeted last tuesday about the Nightwing spot still not being filled.  He commented that they need to “… find the perfect person.”

X-Men: The Dark Phoenix

The new movie is in production and while not a ton is known about what the actual storyline will be or how closely it will follow the comics, Actress Olivia Munn who plays Psylocke has let it slip that this film will be a two parter. Fans of course react in the usual way, by trolling each other over the internet in a total split on if this is good news or not!

Terminator Sequel in 2019

James Cameron Producing, Deadpool’s Tim Miller to direct and it looks like the plan is to make this a sequel/reboot of the franchise, much like Star Wars did with The Force Awakens. Reportedly both Arnie and Linda Hamilton will be featured in the film as well.

Double Your Tweets, Double Your Fun

Twitter will be doubling the amount of characters you will be able to tweet.  You now have 280 characters to get your message through.  Will it help Trump seem more Presidential?

Amazon Hardware Event News

With everything from a new FireTV complete with HDR/4K capabilities, the new Echo Spot to even the small $20 Echo Buttons, Amazon has decided they needed to remind everyone that Alexa is still the most used device out there! Are these new announcements enough to make you want to finally get in the game with a smart home?

The Echo Connect directly answers the threat from Google Mini Home and the phone calling capabilities.

The Weekly Garnish

Itcher: Your entertainment assistant

Tired of scrolling the Netflix feed trying to decide on just the right movie to watch? Want to find some new music or a new book to read but don’t know where to start? This new app just may be the golden ticket to entertainment goodness! 


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Intro Background Music: The Run by Kai Engel. licensed under an Attribution License.

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