13 Scariest Movie Characters – A list to celebrate Friday the 13th

13 Scariest Movie Characters – A list to celebrate Friday the 13th

Since it’s Friday the 13th and it’s a Friday the 13th in October, no less, we decided to have a little fun and put together a list of 13 of the scariest movie characters of all time!

Now, before you start sending hate mail, I want to make sure you know where to send it! Please direct all angry emails about how we forgot your favorite scary character or how we ranked these characters poorly to jason@digitalsouppodcast.com. 

Also, speaking of rankings, these really aren’t in any particular order. We felt very strongly about our number one pick but the rest are just in random order! Of course we would love to hear from you about who we left off the list or what some of your favorites are, so be sure to either email Jason at his email address above(or by simply hitting the CONTACT US  button above) as well as reaching out to us over on Facebook or Twitter and those links are right here on the page above as well! Remember, we LOVE getting voice mail responses sent in!

Complete Disclosure! First, some of these videos may be a little NSFW in terms of graphic scenes. Second, we don’t claim to own any of the videos shared below. They are all linked right to the owner of each video’s YouTube page. 

As we say in the digitalSoup world, let’s DIVE IN!

13. Of course this one is pretty obvious, I mean his movies are titled after this day after all. That’s right, Mr. Hockey Mask himself, Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movie franchise! Just a punishing and brutal horror movie villian.

12. If we are going to mention Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees, we have to talk about his main rival from Elm Street. That’s right kids, it’s Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street series! He haunts your dreams in the most violent ways so as they say “Seven, Eight, better stay up late….Nine, Ten, Never Sleep Again”

11. Continuing down the path of the 80’s and 90’s slasher horror films what list would be complete without the ever menacing Michael Myers from the Halloween movie franchise. It’s a series that some people love and others detest, but as far as the slasher monsters go he ranks near the top. Plus, that great theme music, right?!

10. Before we jump out of the 80’s slasher films genre we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a mention to a slightly lesser known yet equally awesome horror character that LOVES some great acupuncture! That’s right, let’s talk about Pinhead from the classic Hellraiser series! Not as well known as Freddy, Jason and Mikey, but the Hellraiser series can be a lot fun if you are into those classic 80’s horror movies!


9. As we crack the top 10, lets move back in time a bit and into the natural world to the movie that gave everyone a major fear of being in the ocean. You guessed it, it’s everyone’s favorite Great White! No we aren’t talking about Once Bitten, Twice Shy here, it’s the giant, man-eating killer shark….the one and only….Jaws!


8. What scary movie character list would be complete without mentioning the previously highest grossing horror movie of all time. The movie that many dub the scariest movie of all time. That’s right, The Exorcist and the demon Pazuzu that possesses the young Linda Blair. Some truly creepy footage throughout this film.

7. As we mentioned with The Exorcist at number 8, it was PREVIOUSLY the highest grossing horror movie of all time. It’s recently lost it’s top stop to the all new remake of Stephen King’s IT. Originally a made for TV miniseries, Pennywise made everyone afraid of clowns. But with the remake from 2017, the new Pennywise takes the disturbing creepy factor up a few notches. We’re linking two videos clips for this one because we enjoy both versions of this character!


6. With colder temps arriving for many of us as winter approaches, who can forget the amazing story of a man and his family spending a winter as a caretaker of a hotel? Jack Torrance and his family face the mountain locked dangers of the Overlook Hotel and, well, Jack loses his *ish* as the kids say these days! That’s right, it’s Stephen King again, this time with The Shining.

5. Whew, you still with us? We’ve hit the top five so lets keep moving because if horror movies have taught us anything it’s that you can’t just hope to hide from the bad guys, they’ll always find you! So how about a film featuring a monstrous hunting alien known only as The Predator. Starring some big names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura(pre politics but post wrestling), and the creepiest scene for me where they find the Predator’s lair and it’s full of hanging, fully skinned out big game style, human bodies. Yikes!

4. For the remainder of this list we will be staying a little more current…well at least from the 90’s forward…and to bring us there let’s start with a movie that seriously creeps me out still to this day with the ending…and to think the male star of the film went on to play a podcaster that gets captured and forcibly turned into a human walrus! Justin Long just can’t catch a break and if you don’t know already, I’m talking about The Creeper from the movie Jeepers Creepers!

3. Don’t you hate it when you and your friends watch a video and then seven days later you all start to die mysteriously? We hate it when that happens, but Samara from The Ring movie series…well that’s kind of her thing. This was one of the first horror films I remember seeing that used that nailed that creepy mechanical type of movement for the main villian/monster to really bring the creep factor up to 11!

2. We all know about the Tooth Fairy right? You lose a tooth as a child, place it under your pillow and the Tooth Fairy visits while you sleep to take the tooth and leave a gift. These day’s what used to be a quarter has turned into dollar bills or more for the payment of your tooth…damn inflation! But the Tooth Fairy we want to talk about here was from the movie Darkness Falls. A super fun horror movie from 2003 in which a woman named Matilda aka the Tooth Fairy, returns to a town for vengeance after her lynching 150 years earlier. Check it out but, you know, maybe don’t show your kids this version of the Tooth Fairy!


1. So here we are. We’ve finally hit the number one scariest movie character of all time, and this one we were pretty well unified as being the scariest of the scary. This is a character that originally started off as slightly entertaining, then quickly annoying and then pure madness. It’s a classic case of a character starting of as a beloved good guy character and ending up as the most vile, hated character ever. In fact, so much so that people are theorizing on this character in upcoming films and compiling evidence from the films to show his sinister plot unfolding all along. That character….  Jar Jar Binks. Pure evil movie character scariness.

So there you have it, 13 of the scariest movie characters for this Friday the 13th! Once again, be sure to let us know what you would add and who your favorites are! Added bonus points if you send a voice recording to jason@digitalsouppodcast.com for us to play on the next episode or two!

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Happy Friday the 13th!





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