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Episode 043 “Going Long with Special Guest Mac Sokulski”

We welcome in a very special guest and longtime friend of the show, Mac Sokulski from the Shutter Time with Sid and Mac photography podcast! This episode gets a little longer than usual as we cover a huge range of topics, from Microsoft killing off some of its product lines and  Instagram now working on your desktop, to the petition to see Superman’s Mustache! Of course we have a whole bunch of new movie trailers that have hit plus we even give you a great resource for all sorts of Halloween DIY Projects to get your Halloween on! Oh, how could we forget, we actually have a SECOND special guest making a couple appearances, the one and only Captain Poland! Plus we’ve got a digitalSoup first, we are doing a GIVEAWAY! You don’t want to miss this one!


Weekly Riddle:

I am the ruler of shovels, I have a double. I am as thin as a knife, I have a wife.
What am I?

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Windows 10 Mobile is dead!
There has been speculation for a while now but Joe Belfiore,  Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Windows has confirmed it will be ending all but minor bug and security fixes for it’s struggling platform.  Meanwhile, Microsoft is rumored to be working on a new “mobile” device codenamed Andromeda, that will launch next year with a version of Windows 10 built with Microsoft’s new “Windows Core OS” platform.  Will current hardware be compatible with Windows Core OS or will you need a new phone?

Microsoft also killing off Groove Music Service
The streaming service is being replaced by a deal with Spotify as of December 31st as Microsoft continues to retire more of it’s services and divisions. How long until Microsoft just decides to sell off completely to another company?

Who says you need a great graphics card to play some good games?
Check out this list of some of the top picks in pc gaming for players that don’t have a high end gaming system but still want to have some gaming fun!

Finally, you can upload directly to Instagram from your Windows or Mac desktop!
This is awesome news for anyone who doesn’t do all their photo editing on their phone.  Now instead of editing a photo on your PC, jumping through a zillion hoops to get the photos from your pc to your phone and then to Instagram, you can just use the Windowed app on your PC.

Was The Google Home Mini planning on spying on you?
A defect in the touch sensor has been causing the first run of Google’s mini to constantly record it’s surroundings. Imagine if this hadn’t been discovered before shipping?

Petition to “Bring Back the ‘stache!”
As reported Henry Cavill was filming Paramount Pictures “Mission Impossible 6” when Warner Bros. order reshoots for “Justice League.”  In MI:6 Henry sports a mustache which, since under contract, he could not shave until production had completed on MI:6.  Warner Bros. had to digitally remove the Superstache for the reshoots and now the people are petitioning to get the raw footage release with a unshaved Sup.  But, this isn’t the first Superman movie Henry had a mustache in, check out this un-edited trailer for Batman Vs. Superman!

Victor Garber leaving “Legends of Tomorrow”
UD speculated on it and now it has come true, but not for the reason he had thought.  Garber, who plays one half of hero Firestorm will be leaving at the completion of Season 3.  He is returning to Broadway January 2018 for the revival of “Hello Dolly.”  What does this mean for Firestorm?

It’s new trailer city this week, from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Justice League to Stranger Things, New Mutants, Black Panther and even a teaser trailer for the next season of The X-Files, this was absolutely a HUGE week for new trailers to hit the interwebs.


The Weekly Garnish
Awesome DIY Halloween Ideas!
From the best power tools to use for extreme pumpkin carving to how to make fake blood and guts for your Halloween party, this awesome collection of ideas and articles from Popular Mechanics has got you covered!


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