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Episode 047 “#SweatyWater – Rylo Ken Sells a Honda Accord”

Welcome back to the kitchen where the guys cover some major ground, starting with the new Razer phone, a new video camera option and a whole bunch of gaming news. Plus a great list for all of you Stranger Things fans and a great app for mobile photo and video editing. The pantry is fully stocked and the Soup is ready, we hope you’re hungry!

Weekly Riddle:

A man wants to enter an exclusive club, but he doesn’t know the password. Another man walks to the door and the doorman says 12, the man says 6, and is let in. Another man walks up and the doorman says 6, the man says 3, and is let in. Thinking he had heard enough, he walks up to the door and the doorman says 10, he says 5, and he isn’t let in. What should he have said?

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Razer Phone now official

With powerful specs one would expect from the PC Gaming giants at Razer, could this be the next big competitor to Apple/Samsung or just another “Also Ran”?

Judge Blocks Ring Security System

Well that’s not good! Ring has a new solution that ties together cameras, lights and doorbells.  However, ADT is suing them claiming it’s their intellectual property.  A judge has blocked the sale until the dispute is resolved. Check out Episode 034 : The Ultimate Camera Phone, Home Security System, and Slice of Pi” to hear our conversation with an expert on home security systems!

Man Shoots Professional Commercial to Sell His Girlfriend’s ‘96 Honda Accord

Astoundingly, the bids have reached over 6 figures!


This new video camera from some of the people behind Instagram and Hyperlapse could be the next big thing with action cameras. They make some big claims at a decent price point, but can they hold up and deliver the goods?

WoW Classic

Kicking off Blizzcon 2017, Blizzard announced the return of the “Vanilla” servers in what is being called WoW Classic. If you miss the early days spent grinding away in WoW, sounds like soon Blizzard will let you relive your favorite times!

Nintendo Switch games not fitting on the device!

LA Noire is the latest game for the Nintendo Switch that will not fit on the device. Switch fans that pick up this game will instead of to purchase a separate microSD card just for the game. With this not being the first time this has happened, Nintendo is now having to make it clear which games will and will not fit since the release of NBA 2K18. Seems like a serious shortcoming for the system, or is it a sign of things to come for all systems as games get larger and larger?

Nintendo Switch Monopoly Woes

Much like the real version of Monopoly, it seems the Nintendo Switch version that was just released also takes forever…but when you release the new Mario at about the same time, which by all accounts is pretty amazing, who is playing Monopoly instead of Mario?!

Gamestop going the rental route?

With plans announced to set up a 6 month subscription rental route, what does the future hold for retail gaming stores?

Amazon Retro Zone

Tapping into the current popularity around retro gaming, Amazon has debuted it’s very own Retro Zone where you can do everything from grab mobile game ports of classics, buy retro gaming inspired clothing and collectibles and more.

Into Stranger Things? Watch these also!

A great list from Time Magazine for fans that are into Stranger Things and want to see more TV and Movie programming in a similar style.


The Weekly Garnish


One of the most popular photo apps, VSCO Cam, gets an upgrade with new film looks and the ability to apply your favorite VSCO looks to your video.

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Intro Background Music: The Run by Kai Engel. licensed under an Attribution License.

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