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Episode 049 “Backflipping Ninja Robot Soldiers”

It’s a holiday sized helping of digitalSoup this week as the guys cover everything from the OnePlus 5T phone, the largest digital camera in the world and backflipping robots all before getting into a great discussion about smartwatches for kids and the pros and cons of owning versus subscribing your software. Of course no Soup is complete without a dash of movie and gaming talk, a little Justice League and Animal Crossing fit the bill this week, and a mesmerizing weekly garnish will, as always, leave you geek hunger satisfied!

Weekly Riddle:

I pass before the sun, but leave no shadow. What am I?

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Don’t forget to try to Stump the Soup

Star Wars Battlefront 2 backs down

The pressure put on by fans became too hot, now it’s a game of finger pointing as Disney/LucasFilm and EA try to blame each other for the outrageous microtransactions. But of course the internet goes too far by sending death threats to game developers.

iPhone X patched and ready for the cold…maybe

While the pleas for our #AppleCiderDongle went unanswered it seems Apple may have patched up the iPhone X and has fixed the cold unresponsive screen issue.

OnePlus 5T

Anyone know much about this phone that is getting great reviews? For Android lovers it could give you the ultimate bang for the buck.

Robot doing backflips

In a move to show robotics getting more awesome, check out the latest with a robot comfortably doing plyometric moves, jumps and backflips.  

Largest digital camera in the world

No this isn’t the next big selfie camera, this one is made to photograph space and may have some pretty awesome implications in the further study of “Parts Unknown”

Smartwaches for kids, should they be banned?

German officials feel they should be destroyed and banned because they are a huge safety risk and also an illegal spying device that can record people without their knowledge.

DISCUSSION: Owning Vs. Leasing Software

What are the advantages and disadvantages of leasing software (subscription based software like Office 365, Photoshop CC etc.) vs. owning the software outright?

Justice League struggles at the box office

Coming in with a total of $96 million it seems people aren’t sold on DC after the success of Wonder Woman. But is it a result of the movie or a result of timing?

Harrison Ford-Always the hero

Be it as Indiana Jones, Han Solo or just himself, it seems Harrison Ford just can’t stop himself from being a hero!

Animal Crossing coming to iOS and Android

Launching this week, the popular game from Nintendo is set to hit the mobile market and likely proceed to suck up huge quantities of time for many players.

The Weekly Garnish

Wave Cinemagraphs

In a mesmerizing style, you need to check out the photography and cinemagraphs made of some massive waves. Seriously, you’ll be staring at these for hours and feeling completely satisfied doing it.

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