Usually Dave’s Everyday Carry breakdown

Usually Dave’s Everyday Carry breakdown

If you listened to Episode 50, you’ll know that Usually Dave had a TON of stuff he carries around every day. If you haven’t listened yet, be sure to check that out over at Episode 050 “Net Neutrality and an AWESOME Windscribe Give Away”. THEN check out the post pinned to the top of our page titled Windscribe VPN Giveaway!

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Done with all of that? Good! We’re glad you’ve entered and listened to the episode and hopefully now you have a much better idea of what all Usually Dave carries with him each day! But, if you want a closer look at it, let’s break it down right here shall we?

Now, this isn’t technically EVERYTHING he carries with him every day. He didn’t include a few items such as his keys and wallet, the hat he wears most of the time, the small gerber pocket knife, oh and the two full sized tripods that stay with him in the car. One being a Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT with a ball head and the other being a super cheap Amazon Basics Tripod with a pan/tilt head.

For the most part, this is what travels with him every day. So let’s break it all down shall we?

1- Fujifilm X-T10 digital camera with a Fujifilm XF35mm f/1.4 lens
2- Fujifilm XF55-200mm lens
3- Business Cards
4- Think Tank battery holder with 4 spare batteries for the camera
5- Small bendy tripod with the spring clip for holding the phone while shooting video
6- Rode VideoMic ME
7- iPhone 6S Plus
8- Rode Dead Kitten Windscreen for the VideoMicME
9- Assorted lens filters including various strength ND filters for shooting long exposure stills or controlling video exposure settings on bright days with the Fujifilm X-T10. All held in a simple padded filter case for easy storage.
10- Waterproof/Shockproof Storage case for SD cards, inside are a handful of 16GB to 32GB Lexar SD cards
11- ZGrip mount for added stability when shooting video. This rig can be mounted to a tripod also and includes cold shoe mounting for other external microphones, video lights or other accessories.
12- Small Energizer LED flashlight
13- digitalSoup/general idea notebook/journal
14- Photography Journal/idea book
15- Lens Pen(used for cleaning lenses not writing on them)
16- Extra Pens for writing(the pencil I also keep with me is hidden in the binding of the photography journal, you see it there?)

Of course, if he’s going out for some serious photography work the gear load increases dramatically with a whole bunch of other camera goodies including a couple more digital cameras, a 35mm film camera, film, more memory cards…well that’s a list for another time maybe! Also this setup will change for those times he’s out hunting or enjoying the outdoors.

There you have it! Usually Dave’s typical everyday carry essentials! Don’t forget to hit those links above to give episode 50 a listen as well as get yourself entered to win one of two subscriptions we are giving away from the awesome folks over at Windscribe!

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