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Episode 055 “Star Wars Controversy Rages while Nintendo Drops the Christmas Ball”

This week, the guys re-examine the AT&T AirGig project and talk about techy Christmas gifts, followed up by more cryptojacking news.  Also, the World Health Organization declared a new gaming related disorder, and the guys debate Star Wars and Star Trek before declaring the winners of the Windscribe EDC Giveaway.  Get ready for some great star-crossed talk as we dive into this week’s episode!

AT&T Testing Powerline Internet-The follow-up!

Back on Episode 053 “A Fox in the Magic Kingdom”, we had a story about how AT&T was testing new internet service provided through powerlines. They claimed it’d be faster than the current gigabit fiber optic internet service available to some consumers now and Adam was awarded the digitalSoup Research Grant to find out some more about this. Time for his reported findings!

Samsung’s Galaxy 9 to keep the headphone jack

In a move that is being dubbed as “boring design” it seems Samsung is going to keep a lot of people happy since that boring design will allow for the 3.5mm headphone jack to remain in place.

Oops! Nintendo eStore crashes on Christmas

In an effort to Switch things up for their fans that got new games or devices for the holidays, Nintendo drops the ball and let’s the eStore crash over Christmas.  

Cryptojacking Meet Facebook Messenger

This one, should it reach the USA, is VERY scary. Facebook Messenger users need to beware!

Do you suffer from Gaming Disorder?

The World Health Organization has now included “Gaming Disorder” to it’s International Classification of Diseases for 2018. Could be a hot button topic for some while others don’t care, they’d rather play a few more hours of Skyrim.

SOUPER DEBATES Topic “Live in Star Wars or Star Trek Universe”

Star Wars Remake of Obi Wan vs Vader

In an attempt to make the battle between Obi Wan and Darth Vader more impactful, the group FXItInPost is hard at work giving the epic battle a bit more…well…epic-ness! And it’s a must see!


Last Jedi Has A Massive Second Weekend Drop

Is this due to the movie actually being bad or is it a result of the haters being louder than the fans that is influencing the box office “slump”?

Fan Reaction to Empire Strikes Back Eerily Familiar

For everyone out there that is sick of hearing the whining about how the Star Wars Franchise is ruined with The Last Jedi, including the petition to have it removed from Star Wars cannon, here is an interesting bit of history about the fan reaction to what most dub as the best individual film in the franchise, Empire Strikes Back.

Seinfeld goes gaming

All of you Seinfeld fans can rejoice! A brand new game is in development by an Indy Australian developer named Jacob Janerka and it actually looks to be pretty awesome!



Weekly Garnish
Watch a Rocket Launch happen in a time lapse!

Photographer Jesse Watson from Yuma, AZ captured the Space X launch being dubbed as the “UFO” Rocket Launch,  on multiple cameras as a time-lapse and while it doesn’t last long it’s pretty glorious to see!

#Edible80sSongs thread on our digitalSoup Facebook Community Page

A collection of some brilliant song title ideas that made me laugh for days!

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