Real Life Level Up : A Video Game Guide To Enriching Your Life

Real Life Level Up : A Video Game Guide To Enriching Your Life

It’s that time of year where those procrastinators out there are still scratching their heads trying to think of a useful New Years Resolution. Ultimately they struggle to come up with one they think they can stick with and decide they just “Don’t Do” New Years Resolutions.

We here at digitalSoup are proud Geeks and when I saw this idea floating around the internet I thought it would be a cool idea for to share with you guys here!

The premise is simple. Many of us geeks LOVE playing video games right? So what if you made it your resolution to take your favorite video game and find a way to level up your real life skills using the game as a basis?

For example, say you are a fan of the super well known game from Bethesda…Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Within that game you have the opportunity to learn all sorts of different skills, from combat to crafting and anything in between.

What if you took the skills you use in the game, say in the crafting skill tree, and found a way to learn those skills in the real world. Take a blacksmith class, maybe a leatherworking or woodworking class, heck you can probably even find a class for learning how to better identify useful and edible plants and herbs in the wild and level up your herbalism skills or even classes on home brewing your own beer or wine for the alchemy skill set.

Maybe combat is your thing so you enroll in a martial arts class to level up your hand to hand combat, join an archery club or shooting range to increase your weapon skill. The world is yours and what a cool way to apply those hours spent playing games to help you learn awesome new skills here in the real world. Who knows, you may just find a new passion as you try things out. Even cooler,  it can apply to so many different types of games that there’s literally something for everyone to try!

What are you waiting for, get your real life level up started and be sure to let us know if you give this a try! We’d love to hear about your experience!


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