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Episode 060 “Zombie’s Can’t Charge Matrix PowerWatches!”

We’ve got a lot of TV & Movie news this week, from Ant-Man and the Wasp getting a new trailer, basic cable dropping bombs and Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead theories again. Plus, the Matrix returns…as a sweet PowerWatch and so much more! Grab your spoons because the Soup is served.

Smartphone Mario

Nintendo is bringing Mario Kart to smartphones and calling it Mario Kart Tour. Set to be released anywhere between April of 2018 and March of 2019, let the waiting begin.

The Commodore C64 Mini
We had talked about this addition to the retro gaming rush way back on Episode 041 and it now has a price and release date.

Apple working on a “budget” model phone

With a decent 6.1” screen size and using LCD instead of OLED, dropping some features such as 3D touch and going back to a standard battery, it seems they are looking to put up a more budget friendly option for iPhone users.

Matrix PowerWatch

Interesting new tech in the world of smartwatches and wearables. The PowerWatch by Matrix uses your body heat as power, no charging needed. Episode 051-Organic Material Generates Elecricity Conversation

Basic cable bucking trends
Last week, two of the larger basic cable networks in SyFy and USA have decided to finally allow dropping F-Bombs in their shows.

Breaking Bad a Walking Dead Prequel

Apparently this is a pretty big theory going around the internet and based on some recent articles, it’s a pretty convincing conspiracy theory!

Ant-Man and the Wasp

The first official trailer was released and all we can say is it just looks FUN!

New Bill Mandates Replaceable Batteries in Consumer Electronics

A right-to-repair bill that outright bans the sale of electronics not designed to be easily user-repairable. Jeff Morris, the representative who introduced the bill, notes that it was written before Apple’s battery fiasco came to light (in separate news, Apple is now facing an SEC and DOJ investigation into its disclosure practices around its battery issues).

Would you rather…Wake up to find you now live in the world of Skynet and Terminators or The Walking Dead?


Spotify Starts Testing A Separate Music Station App

Spotify, the popular streaming music service that has over 70 million paying subscribers and 140 million active users, is now testing an app on Android called Stations as first noticed by app analytics service Sensor Tower. The Stations app allows Spotify users to pick from a number of curated and personalized music stations. And it can be accessed by any Spotify user for free as it is supported by ads.


Weekly Garnish:

Dream Theater Meets Mario
Check out this awesome musical display in this YouTube video,  Super Mario Bros. Theme feat. John Petrucci | FamilyJules

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