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Episode 061 “Leaks, Hacks and Venom attacks!”

This week the guys launch into space talk, audio formats, Nintendo hacks and movies!  Jason and Adam face off on a small scale during the geek off. Get ready for a steamy bowl!

Space X Falcon Heavy Launches Tesla Roadster into Space

With a successful launch, many people are getting excited about the Space X program. Usually Dave, however, has a couple of interesting takes about the Spaceman cruising in his orbital Tesla Roadster. (MTV/Crime)

Best Buy Not Longer Selling Audio CDs With Target Not Far Behind

There’s not much reason to shop for CDs when you download or stream all your music, and big-box stores are reacting to that decline. Billboard sources have learned that Best Buy has told suppliers that it will remove music CDs from its stores as of July 1st.  Target, meanwhile, appears on the cusp of backing out. It reportedly wants to switch from paying for all music CDs and DVDs it receives (and shipping back whatever it doesn’t sell) to only paying for those discs that actually sell.

Oh Snap! Secret iPhone Code Leaked!

In what’s being called the “biggest leak in history”, proprietary code from Apple’s iBoot program, which is code that runs before iOS is started, was leaked to GitHub.  It went largely unnoticed for quite some time, so the code is from the older iOS 9 platform.  Apple also issued a takedown notice to GitHub according to  As if that will stop the code from being spread.

Nintendo Hacked

It appears that a hacker group going by the name of fail0verflow has found a vulnerability in the boot ROM of the Nvidia Tegra X1 chip that allowed them to install LINUX on a Nintendo Switch. Based on the info from the hackers, they claim it’s something that Nintendo can NOT fix via future firmware patches. The only fix is to build new Tegra X1 chips. If this process is shared it’ll mean game on for the game pirating sector which is bad news for Nintendo. Let’s how the Switch doesn’t find itself in Dreamcast land, killed by pirates.

Be a dwarf from middle earth or a hobbit?

First Official TEASER Trailer for Venom

We finally got a look at the upcoming Venom movie as the first official teaser trailer hits and while we see a quick glimpse of the symbiote in a lab, there’s still no footage of Venom. This trailer is all about Eddie Brock and sets up a glimpse of the origin of how he became Venom.


Top movie trailers dropped during the Super Bowl

Here’s the movies that gained the most traction since their drop during the Super Bowl, the results may cause mild surprise.

James Hetfield to star in upcoming Ted Bundy film

Who knew the frontman of Metallica was now an actor!

Firefly is coming back!!

But, pump the brakes because you may not like it.

Weekly Garnish:

Our Groceries

This week’s garnish comes from Adam.  The Our Groceries app is a game changer!

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