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Episode 062 “Apple brings the White Rings, people are Kung Furious”

Busy episode this week with Windows update news, security warnings on cell phones, Apple continues it’s string of black eyes and Insel tries to game the Steam system and loses! Plus Karate Kid is coming back while Kung Fury gets the feature treatment! All this and a few “secret” ingredients this week so give it a taste while it’s hot! The digitalSoup is on!

New “High Performance Mode” to be introduced in next Windows 10 Update

In a move to help users of high end pc’s get every last drop of power out of their machine, Microsoft is adding the high performance mode that will throw energy efficiency out the window in favor of faster performance. Is this because they want people to get the most out of their machines or they are trying to do their part in fixing the Intel caused slowdowns from the patches for Spectre and Meltdown?

Don’t use Huawei (Wah-Way) or ZTE phones, say heads of FBI, CIA, and NSA

The heads of six major US intelligence agencies have warned that American citizens shouldn’t use products and services made by Chinese tech giants Huawei and ZTE. According to a report from CNBC, the intelligence chiefs made the recommendation during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday. The group included the heads of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the director of national intelligence.

More bugs for Apple

With a new software bug involving the Indian language characters, apparently people can crash other users iPhones causing messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, and more to become bricked.

Apple HomePod, the white ring machine

Users of the Apple HomePod are understandably upset by the response from Apple about the white rings left on their wooden furniture from the HomePod. Did Apple really just tell users to wash their tables and if needed re-finish the surfaces of their furniture?!

Valve removes all Insel Games from Steam for manipulating reviews

Valve said that developer Insel Games was caught manipulating the review score for its games by creating many fake Steam accounts and posting positive reviews. This practice is not uncommon, but it’s nonetheless against Steam’s terms, hence the ban. Leaked company emails show In an email the studio’s CEO lightly threatened employees that they may lose their jobs if they do not comply. The CEO did offer to reimburse them for the expense, amusingly.

Nintendo Switch Linux Follow Up

In a move to prove they had indeed hacked a switch, the hacker group fail0verflow have released a new video showing a Switch running a full Linux graphical interface.

Cobra Kai

The first teaser trailer has arrived for this standoff that has been 30 years in the making! Only problem is that this Karate Kid series will be a YouTube Red debut, so it may not be as easy to see for some.


Feature length Kung Fury gaining some big names to the cast

First, how awesome is it that we are getting a feature length Kung Fury! Second, why not add Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Fassbender to the cast, not to mention the return of David Hasselhoff, let the epic-ness begin.

Kung Fury: The Original Short Film

David Hasselhoff “True Survivor” Kung Fury Music Video

Incredibles 2 gets a teaser trailer

Looks like Mr. Incredible is playing Mr. Mom as Elastigirl plays the hero!

Weekly Garnish:

Essential Reading Before Seeing Black Panther

If you want to take your comic book geekery to the next level, check out these 5 Black Panther comic runs before seeing the new movie(or add them after if you couldn’t wait and have already seen the film!)

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