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Episode 063 “Kirk vs. Picard And The 10,000 Year Clock”

Never fear, Adam is here! We’ve got Caterpillar and Land Rover Cell phones, a 10,000 year clock from Jeff Bezos, Walking Dead stars moving on from the show and Adam brings us a killer quiz show! Be sure to check it out, Jason and Adam even take a stand on who is the best Captain, Kirk or Picard!

Caterpillar announces updated mobile phone

Yes, that Caterpillar. The Heavy Equipment company has its own cell phone brand. The updated phone, called the Cat S61, has features that make it pretty unique. A thermal camera, indoor air quality sensors and even laser-assisted distance measurement system. The phone is actually built by a company called Bullitt Group and branded with the Caterpillar name. In other news, Land Rover also has their own line of super rugged phones made to withstand the elements.  The Land Rover phone is also built by Bullitt.

Spotify Now Hiring

We’ve mentioned it in the past, but it appears that Spotify is getting closer to jumping into the physical product game. A job posting by Spotify looking for an Ops Manager for a “hardware product” along with the line “Spotify is on its way to creating its first physical products” have all signs pointing to the jump. Watch out Apple, your white ring maker may have some more competition soon.

10,000 Year Clock

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced the construction has begun for a massive 10,000 year clock on his property in Texas. This clock will have a hand that ticks once per year, a hand that ticks once per century and best yet, a cuckoo will emerge once a millenium. The idea is to get people thinking about time differently, much the same as how viewing photos of the Earth from space changed thinking about the environment.



Who is the better Captain, Kirk or Picard?


How Riker Sits Down (a.k.a. Rickering)




‘Walking Dead’ Star Lauren Cohan, Without Season 9 Contract, Books Lead in ABC Pilot

The actress, who has been battling AMC over her season nine salary, will star opposite Scott Foley in ‘Whiskey Cavalier.’  Lauren Cohan is eyeing her departure from The Walking Dead.
She has starred as Maggie since season two of the AMC zombie drama and has now booked a lead role in ABC drama pilot Whiskey Cavalier.
Norman Reedus Photography Interview

“CORAL” wants the big screen

Imagine a world where Carl from The Walking Dead (actor Chandler Riggs) was Peter Parker/Spider-Man or Han Solo.

Solo: A Star Wars Story gets Sabotaged

In an excellent mashup, the teaser trailers for Solo were re-cut and set to the popular Beastie Boys song, Sabotage. The project was put together by Chris Galegar, co-host of War Starts at Midnight, which is a bi-weekly Cinema Podcast.

Netflix drops the first “Lost in Space” trailer

With an April 13th release date coming up quickly, Netflix gives us a look at the series via a new trailer. It looks like it could be fun, though we don’t see all that much besides a voice over narration as the Robinson family boards their spaceship.

Weekly Garnish:

Deadpool getting a card game

The merc with a mouth is set to get his very own Cards Against Humanity style card game later this year. All the Deadpool fun in a card game package, sign me up! Game night might never be the same!



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