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Marvel Puzzle Quest

We all love a good mindless app to kill time but as geeks we just don’t want to be seen playing Candy Crush. We have a reputation to keep up, but Candy Crush is a perfect way to enjoy a little mobile gaming. What’s a geek to do?

This looks like a job for a super hero!

Enter Marvel Puzzle Quest. This game from d3go brings all the tile matching fun of Candy Crush into the Marvel Universe. With a huge cast of characters available to unlock and level up you’ll find all your favorite heroes and villains in this fun puzzler.

Wait. Did you say you level up your characters?

Sure did!

Dubbed a “match 3 role playing game” by d3go, they’ve added the ability to build your stable of characters each with special powers that you can spend hours(or money-more on that later) leveling up.

Game Elements


You start the game with a basic stable of characters that includes a standard variant of Iron Man and Black Widow. There may be others you start with but honestly those two were the only ones I kept because they gave me an offensive and defensive style character.

Starting off, you’ll spend time working your way through the Prologue. This is where you have the ability to level up your characters and unlock some new ones via rewards you earn from your missions. All of this is accessed from the title screens seen above. The Prologue is just you versus the app, no head to head combat just yet. As you get to the Story mode and of course the Versus mode, things get more difficult and become ranked matches.



For the most part it’s pretty straight forward, nothing you probably haven’t seen before if you have played any app style games like this.

You choose your mode(prologue/story/versus), choose your mission, hit fight after scoping out the three enemies you will be up against, then choose your team of three to do battle with. There are certain times when the game decides you are teaming up with a specific character based on a story element, but otherwise you choose from your stable of characters.


Once your team is selected you have an opportunity to add any power-up items you may have earned and then it’s time to fight!


The thing that makes this game more fun, in my geeky opinion, is how each character has a series of special moves you can unlock. You can see in the above photos that your characters have three power bars associated with their icons. Each bar is tied to a specific color of tile and as you fill those gauges you can unleash the special powers on your turns.

The special powers can be anything from individual damage attacks to one of your three enemies, damage attacks to all enemies, attack strength tiles added to the board to boost your team attacks, defensive tiles to help protect from damage, and the list goes on. It adds an element of strategy to the the game play aside from just the tile matching.

Plus it’s cool to see your favorite hero animations as they unleash their special powers.


Final Thoughts

Let’s face it. No game is perfect, especially when it’s in app form like this one. There are times it seems the app is determined not to let you win as you get a terrible tile board, no biggie. In a game of random tile drops there will be those dud boards that come up.

The biggest thing I dislike about this game is that you will find yourself reaching a point at which you’ll hit the paywall. As with most app games of this sort they give you the ability to play up to a point for free. But to really be competitive and unlock the more powerful heroes and power sets you can either grind for ages hoping to earn enough in game cash to randomly unlock what you want OR just hit the old in-app purchase and buy those chances.

For a game like this, I’m just not willing to pay the cash. Your mileage may vary, just be aware that you will hit that wall.

That being said, there is enough here to keep you busy and have a little fun smashing tiles and doing battle with all of your favorite Marvel heroes and villians. If you want a fun way to kill some time while still keeping your geeky street cred, Marvel Puzzle Quest is just the ticket. At the end of the day it’s a free app available on iOS, Android, Steam and Amazon Kindle devices that will give you hours of gaming fun before you hit the paywall, give it a shot and see what you think.


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