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Episode 065 “Speeding Towards Skynet”

Nintendo brings big announcements, LP’s eliminated at iTunes, and scary AI meets creepy Alexa! After an ethics fueled Geek Off, it’s time for movie and tv talk with news from Star Wars, Men in Black and Jessica Jones!

March’s Nintendo Direct – Announcements Galore

Lots of games announced for the Switch including a new Super Smash Bros. and … Crash Bandicoot?!?!

Bye Bye iTunes LPs

Apple will no longer accept new submissions of iTunes LPs after March 2018 and existing LPs will be deprecated from the store during the remainder of 2018.  Apple began offering its own interpretation of the LP in 2009 on the iTunes Store. A take on the traditional “long play” meaning of LP, iTunes’ LPs bundled albums with art, lyrics, videos, bonus tracks, and other extra materials that fans of the artist would enjoy.

Google teams up with the Pentagon

In what is being called Project Maven, Google is teaming up with the Pentagon to help them develop AI for analyzing drone footage. Does that make anyone else a little uneasy?

Alexa thinks she’s pretty funny

Users had been reporting that Alexa had been doing a creepy laugh all on her own and now it appears Amazon has fixed the issue. But seriously, this is hilarious!


Do mutants, zombies, and AI Robots deserve human rights?

Jon Favreau meets Star Wars

With no actual plot or release date set, Disney has apparently inked a deal for Favreau to be an executive producer and writer for a new streaming live action series on it’s upcoming streaming platform.

Men In Black to get a reboot?

Sony seems eager to reboot the franchise and it sounds like a possibility that we will see Thor himself wearing the black shades as he saves the world and erases memories.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2

The 2nd season for one of the fan favorite Defenders, Jessica Jones, is out now. The reviews are coming back split on if it’s worth the watch or not.


Weekly Garnish:  Marvel’s Puzzle Quest

A fun take on a match 3 tile game with an RPG twist. Featuring all your favorite Marvel Superheroes and Villians! It’s an older game, but still very fun.

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