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Episode 066 The Hackintosh Saga Dies of Dysentery”

Oregon Trail is back! This time in full handheld mode so we can all die of dysentery before trying to ford the river! Jason has a great segment about his new adventures in the world of hackintosh and then it’s time to jump into some superhero movie talk including Nightwatch and Avengers : Infinity War.

Target Is Selling Handheld Oregon Trail!

The 1974 edutainment title, Oregon Trail, is making a comeback in the form of a handheld gaming device, almost as if it were 1988 and the Tiger handhelds were all the rage once more. The new handheld for Oregon Trail is currently available right now courtesy of the game manufacturer, Basic Fun and sold only at Target stores.

More Than 150 Android Apps Tried to Infect Phones with Windows Malware

Security researchers with Zscaler detected the first infected app several days ago, but then more than 150 more with the same signature popped up upon further investigation. As it happens, these apps are carrying the same malicious Windows payload discovered in Android apps last year. This likely isn’t an example of bumbling malware creators loading the wrong code. Rather, the developers were using machines infected by a now-defunct botnet called Ramnit.

Jason’s Hackintosh 2018

After being discouraged with Apple for not releasing a new Mac mini Jason decided to go the Hackintosh route and build his first one last year.  He now has created a more powerful Hackintosh and decided to share with the listeners his build. Here are a couple great resources he used for his project: and



Mario vs Sonic

Spike Lee Eyes ‘Nightwatch’ Superhero Movie at Sony

Spike Lee may direct a movie for Sony Pictures based on the Marvel character Nightwatch.  A source told Variety that Lee’s involvement is in the early stages, but he could potentially helm a film from a script by “Luke Cage” show runner Cheo Hodari Coker. The studio and Lee’s rep declined to comment. The site That Hashtag Show first reported the news.

Avengers : Infinity War Discussion

Weekly Garnish:  

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