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Episode 067 “What DOESN’T Facebook Know? AMIRITE?”

It’s a busy week as we start out with some great game options for gaming with your kids. From there it’s a great conversation about the major concerns of Facebook, the Orbitz Data leak and more online privacy concerns. Then things get a bit controversial with the Geek Off before the guys finish with some Deadpool 2 talk and some more non-updates from Atari.

Gaming with your kids

If you are a parent that loves playing video games and want to find some great options for playing games with your children, this list from Kotaku is a geat place to start!

Facebook in hot water

Usually Dave Visits Shuttertime with Sid and Mac to talk about Social Media and Photography.

Orbitz Data Leak

Uh oh.  It looks like around 800,000 customers may be affected by a data breach, including credit card information.  NAHT GOOD.


What is your most overrated superhero?

Deadpool 2 Trailer

Ark:Survival Evolved on your Android or iOS device!

Ark is coming to mobile and promising the full Ark experience on the go.  The iOS and Android version of the game will offer optional upgrades that players can acquire with “Amber” to progress faster, obtain certain buffs for certain amounts of time, build unique crafting structures, and bring lost dinosaurs back from the dead. (Jason is already signed up for beta)!

Come join the hosts of digitalSoup on their private Ark server … Arkhaeologists PvE (5x All, Mods) Fun-For-All

Ataribox gets a new name … Atari VCS

Not much new is known about the system that that will finally announce a pre-order date next month but it has received a new name.  Out is Ataribox and now we have the Atari VCS. Those of you who were kids during the Carter Administration may remember that this was the official name of the Atari 2600 (it was rebranded the 2600 in 1982).  No games have been announced but a new image with the console, a retro controller and a modern controller was released.

Weekly Garnish:  

MoviePass dropping prices again


Reese’s peanut butter egg.


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