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Episode 068 “Entertainment Extravaganza”

This week we have a special guest, Brother Tom! He joins us to talk about all sorts of pop culture entertainment! From Game Informer’s Top 300 games of all time and Nintendo Switch issues to a lot of good movie talk there’s something for everyone!

The Fantastic Four Set To Return In August

We mentioned them last week in our Geek Off and after being absent as a team for quite a while, due in large part to movie rights, The Fantastic Four are set to reunite. Not on the big screen though, but back in comics.

Game Informer’s Top 300 Games of all Time Discussion

Third Party Nintendo Switch Docks Causing Issues

Switch owners that looked to third party options for the expensive docking kit are finding that not only will the Switch no longer charge via USB with the Nyko Portable Docking Kit, but many report their systems are being completely bricked!

Jurassic ‘World Evolution’ , a Jurassic Park dinosaur based sim

Set to release in June on multiple platforms, fans of games like Rollercoaster Tycoon can now construct and run their very own Jurassic Park. Of course nothing ever goes smoothly in Jurassic Park and the creators are anticipating all the hijinks sim park owners are going to set loose on the guests!


Best 90’s rock album, why?

March is a bad month for movies, right?

Traditionally March has been known as a slow month in the movie world. Sitting between the big winter holiday season and the summer blockbuster season, most studios use March as a dumping ground for the movies they don’t expect much from. But maybe March is getting slammed for no reason, check out this list of movies that all came out in March over on the Ranker website.

April is shaping up to be a pretty big movie month

From Avengers : Infinity War to Rampage and even Super Troopers 2, this month should be a pretty busy one for movie fans.

Weekly Garnish:  

Nintendo Gameboy Classic Alarm Clock

Fans of the original Nintendo Gameboy can now get an awesome alarm clock for the bedroom. It’s a near perfect replica of the original hand-held gaming system that has the Super Mario Land theme music as it’s alarm.


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