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PixArk – First Play and Basics Tutorial Videos

Are you a fan of survival games such as Ark : Survival Evolved? Do you love the sandbox, open world building fun of games like Minecraft? Then Jason has something he thinks you will LOVE! It’s the new offering from Snail Games called PixArk and he has been busy making some terrific videos to show you more about this fantastic new game.

First up is a First Play style video in which he jumps in and shares his initial impressions of the game as he dives in for the first time! It’s a great look around the PixArk world and gives you a taste of why you need to be playing this game.

The second video is a fantastic tutorial and he covers all of the basics for you. This will give you a solid grasp on everything you need to get the most out of PixArk.

One thing to note, PixArk is still in early release. They are constantly working to squash those bugs and roll out new features, so this isn’t a totally finished game just yet. Don’t let that discourage you though, Jason still highly recommends it. With updates it will only get better! Don’t take my word for it though, check out his videos and see for yourself!

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