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Episode 069 “Indiana Joan and the Stranger Things”

On this episode of digitalSoup, the guys discuss some issues the Duffer brothers are having with Stranger Things, Jason’s new wrist rocket, and the future of Indiana Jones.

Amazon Kindle Fire devices now have hands free Alexa voice services.

A no brainer by Amazon to further unlock the usefulness of their tablet line up.

Chrono Trigger’s PC port is getting the original SNES graphics back

Square Enix says that three patches are coming to fix the Steam version’s problems.  Chrono Trigger’s surprise release on Steam in February was great news for fans of the classic role-playing game, right up until the point they saw what Square Enix had actually released. The Windows PC version of Chrono Trigger wasn’t a faithful recreation of the SNES original, but a poorly received port of one of the company’s mobile releases.

Duffer Brothers Accused Of Lifting ‘Stranger Things’ From 2012 Short Film

Charlie Kessler, who directed the short film Montauk that debuted at the 2012 Hamptons International Film Festival, filed a lawsuit Tuesday (read it here) in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming he pitched the Montauk concept to Matt and Ross Duffer in April 2014 at a Tribeca Film Festival party and later presented “the script, ideas, story and film” to the duo that they allegedly used to develop their hit series.

Jason got a new toy … ask him what it is!

Spotify valued at nearly $30 billion in unusual Wall Street debut

Spotify opened at $165.90 a share on the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday. The stock later fell below $150 a share. Its Wall Street debut has been closely followed in recent weeks as much for the unconventional approach to a public offering it chose as for the company itself.
Unlike traditional IPOs, Spotify did not raise new capital. Instead it simply listed existing shares directly on the stock exchange without relying on underwriters to attract investors, set a price and stabilize the stock as it begins trading.



Favorite Indiana Jones movie and favorite character in that movie besides Indy himself?

Indiana Jones or Indiana Joan?  

Steven Spielberg has recently mentioned that if the franchise is to continue after Harrison Ford’s final run as Indy, that he would want a woman to take on the iconic role. Who are your candidates for actresses that would make a great Indy in the future?

New Solo trailer dropped today!

Chewie chokeslams someone!

Weekly Garnish:  

CMRA by Glide – Dual-Camera Band for Apple Watch lets you instantly capture photo and video. Never miss a moment, even video chat straight from your wrist.

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