Episode 073 “Laying The Smackdown On S.P. & Who Needs An Appendix Anyway?”

Episode 073 “Laying The Smackdown On S.P. & Who Needs An Appendix Anyway?”

Episode 073 – Laying the Smackdown on SP & who needs an appendix anyway?

With Adam being hospitalized and Jason transforming into Urban Legend to lay the Smackdown on one Stargate Pioneer, Usually Dave grabs a snack and waits for the fireworks! Oh yeah, they also have some great gaming talk, Luke Cage Season 2 and even some video game Hall of Fame inductees! This is one spicy soup!

Twitter Issues Password Reset Request

On Friday, May 4th, Twitter issued a warning to all of it’s users that an internal security issue was found, and asked users to all reset their passwords.  They indicated that they don’t believe this data had been compromised.

Samsung trying to crack into movie theaters?

Showing off a giant 34 foot 4k display dubbed Onyx, Samsung looks to try to replace the standard projection screens in movie theaters with enormous 4k LED screens. They also have a 46 foot 4k screen on slate for later this year to better compete with the larger projector screens.

Utomik officially launched this last Thursday

Back in episode 018 we covered the game subscription service Utomik which was in beta.  Now after three years of beta the service finally launch this past Thursday 05-03-18.  Utomik is a PC gaming subscription service that aims to “bring the Netflix and Spotify model to the world of video games”, which has been in open beta for the last three years. Today they’re launching the full service with over 750 games, which they claim is more than any other gaming service of this type, including Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now.

Luke Cage

Netflix has dropped the first Official Trailer for Season Two of Luke Cage. Even though the first season met mixed response, this second season looks to have made the stakes even higher as a new Villain is shown physically kicking the snot out of our Hero.


Trip down memory lane talking about our favorite Games.

2018 Class of the Video Game Hall of Fame

Lara Croft and John Madden get inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame with the Tomb Raider and John Madden Football titles earning a spot among other great games that have been influential in the gaming industry.


Weekly Garnish:

(Brought to you by listener Ryan Davis via Facebook)

Ron Howard’s Arrested Development Parody of Star Wars Puts a Hilarious Spin on A New Hope



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