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digitalSoup Presents Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor – 01

Most geeks love the world of Tolkien. That fantastic place known as Middle Earth. So inspired by Jason and Adam, Usually Dave decided it was time to do a first play video of his very own! He’s diving in with a first look at the slightly older game that is new to him called Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor!

Come watch him as he gets drawn into the adrenaline pumping world of this action RPG and manages to get through the first story quest and some random Uruk slaying without dying!

Enjoy the digitalSoup first look at Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor and stay tuned for even more digitalSoup Plays videos over on our YouTube Channel! To get notified when new videos go up be sure to hit that subscribe button while you are over there and know that watching and subscribing to the channel is very much appreciated by us here at digitalSoup!

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What the guys are doing outside the podcast:

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