Episode 084 “Rabbit Holes & San Diego Comic Con Trailer Extravaganza”

Episode 084 “Rabbit Holes & San Diego Comic Con Trailer Extravaganza”

This week the guys discuss a new processor, going into very scientific detail on how shrinking transistors help. They then talk about zombies and talk about a ton of upcoming movie trailers, ending in a fight between a ship-captain werewolf and 100 crazy cat ladies. Wow. I can’t believe I typed that.

Jimmy Dean Customer Complaint

Here is a complaint call left by a Jimmy Dean customer in Texas. His main hang-up with the sausage brand? The fact that they discontinued their 16-oz sausage roll and that their current 12-oz won’t cut, especially when it comes to satiating “three men that weigh over two-hundred pounds a piece, a woman that’s a little plump Scotch girl, and a daughter who’s thirteen.” He refuses to fall for their charade and buy two 12-oz servings just because they want “to downsize and charge the same goddamn price.”

AMD Releasing 64-Core CPU in 2019?

AMD’s upcoming “Rome” generation of EPYC server processors is going to be a beast. The main point is that users will be able to buy up to 64 cores (128 threads) on a single packaged processor. This increase in core count will likely be due to the process node shrink, from 14nm down to GlobalFoundries’ 7nm. This is not the same as the upcoming second-generation Zen processors, which are built on 12nm and expected to ship in a few months. Rome is probably not coming until 2019. This is going to be a direct competitor to Intel’s Xeon line!

New Zombie Flick “Patient Zero” Could Be Called “Zombie Whisperer”

Another zombie outbreak movie with a twist, the main character was bite by an “intelligent, adrenaline-fueled” creature “born from a viral super-strain” and does not turn but now has the ability to talk to the infected. He is working with scientists to locate the first infected so they can create an antidote. Looks like fun.

Greg Nicotero reviving ‘Creepshow’ on the Shudder Network

If you remember the classic Creepshow anthology film, written by Stephen King and helmed by George Romero, you may want to keep an eye out for this new horror revival set to happen in 2019. The Shudder network is looking to bring it back as an anthology style TV Series.

World of Warcraft now Free With the $15 Monthly Fee

Up until now you had to purchase the base game and all expansions and then pay your $15 monthly fee to play World of Warcraft. Now all you have to do is create an account, pay your $15 monthly fee and you are able to play World of Warcraft with all expansions available today for no additional cost. The next expansion Battle for Azeroth that is releasing next month is not included in this, if you want to play that content you will have to purchase the $50 expansion. It could possibly be added to the free bundle sometime in the future though.

Trailer Mayhem

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