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Episode 087 “Ope! (There It Is)”

This week the guys talk about the new Discord game store, the downfall of ROM sites, Spotify, and is the blue light from your phone making you go blind? Jason and Adam then square off in a “who would win it” super fight – a Spartan in a potato sack, or a narcoleptic carne!

Discord New Game Store Takes On Steam

Last Thursday, the company launched the beta of its digital game store, which will carry a curated selection of new and popular hit titles. The store will be first available as a beta to about 50,000 Canadian players, but Discord plans on rolling it out widely to users later this year. Unlike Steam, the new store will offer a tighter selection of PC games.

Is Nintendo Destroying The History of Gaming?

Nintendo’s attack on ROM sites is gaining some ground. Last week Nintendo sued two long-standing emulation sites: LoveRETRO and LoveROMs. Nintendo is suing for $2 million for illicit use of their trademark, plus $150,000 for each Nintendo game hosted. Because of this EmuParadise per-emptively pulled all ROMs off their site in fear of having Nintendo’s focus aimed towards them.

Spotify Announces “Long-Term” Samsung Partnership

Spotify has announced a new “long-term” partnership with electronics manufacturer Samsung, making the streaming platform the “go-to music provider” across all Samsung devices going forward. The partnership includes the brand’s newly announced Galaxy S9 smartphones, as well as the Galaxy Home smart speaker, which is a direct competitor to Apple’s HomePod. Spotify will come pre-installed with Samsung devices, and has also been integrated into Samsung’s “Bixby” voice-activated assistant.

Is Your Phone Making You blind?

New studies seem to be showing a link between the blue light from our screens and eye issues, including blindness.

Get Ready For The SUMC

With a stable of around 900 characters, Sony has announced a new name for their planned interconnected universe(formally referred to as the Spider-verse) and it’s a mouthful. Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters may have big plans but can they actually take those plans to fruition?

Geek Off:

A Spartan trapped in a potato sack and can summon anything from a hardware store.
A Carnie shoots blinding light from hands and is a narcoleptic.

7 reasons you should upgrade that old hard drive to an SSD today!

Are you still sporting and ancient HDD for your main system drive? Ellen Griswold said it best … “Clark, what are you doing”? Find out seven reasons why you should switch to an SSD for your system drive (and relegate that slow HDD to mass storage duty).

Weekly Garnish:

Superfight: 500-Card Core Deck (As Heard On digitalSoup!)
That’s right, the game we play on the show delivered to you in a simple link! Superfight is a game where you argue with your friends over ridiculous fights. The game is very simple. It’s fun for all levels and kinds of players. The main deck consists of 500 cards, split between character cards (white cards), and powers and weaknesses (black cards).

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digitalSoup Unsigned Spotlight (Dinner Music):

This Week’s Track – “Cosmic Downfall” by Barreleye

Barreleye rose up from the roots of Thrash Death Metal to reach a melodic and progressive path. Its first evidence of life was the release of the Virus EP in 2014, two years after Barreleye’s establishment. Once a stable line-up unfolded, numerous local shows were performed, followed by the release of the first full length album “Urged To Fall” in 2015. A powerful live performance combined with a good number of concerts organized at that time helped to quickly gain a visibility along with a fan base.

Check them out at their official website

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