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Episode 088 “The digitalSoup Back to School Guide”

The big “back to school” episode! The guys discuss ways for the new or returning college student to stay on top of things with technology! Where can you legally stream some football? Is the Iron First 2 trailer worth the watch? Can Miley Cyrus and a T-Rex take on a burning marshmallow man riding a battle cat? All this and more on this episode of digitalSoup!

Windows 10 Leak Exposes Microsoft’s New Monthly Charge (And How Ridiculously Effective Click Bait Titles Can Be.

We all saw the panic a few weeks back when the stories about Microsoft’s monthly charge…Turns out it was a lot of fuss over nothing. Click-bait headlines win again. But it gets us thinking about the abundance of subscription based services now vs stand alone software. Where do you stand on the subscription model? What are some of the services/software you feel are absolutely worth your hard earned money each month?

Are You Ready For Some Streaming Football?

So you love football but don’t want to be tied to cable or satellite contracts. Well here is how to watch the NFL without those constraints:

  • SlingTV (ESPN & NFL Network $25, add NFL Redzone for $10 more)
  • YouTubeTV (all major networks, ESPNs, Fox Sports $40)
  • Playstation Vue (all major networks, ESPNs, Fox Sports $45, add NFL Redzone for $10 more)
  • Hulu with Live TV (all major networks, ESPNs, Fox Sports $40 plus all of Hulu’s next day television and movies)

Iron Fist Season 2 Trailer

Revenge and gangs, fights and glowing fists. I wonder if they will make season 2 better than the first season?


The digitalSoup “Back To School” Guide

Software for Students:

What is a good setup for a college student?
There are a lot of things to consider! I recently suggested a setup for a new college student that reflected what I use at work. Having a base-station of sorts at your home for homework and entertainment, and being able to be on the go with it at the same time? Yes, it can be done! And, do college students need backup solutions? Yes!

A list of things your student will need in addition to Jason’s software list:
– A good backpack that can hold both books and a laptop.
Mancro Travel Computer Bag
Tocode Fashion Laptop Backpack
– A 2-in-1 computer or laptop
Dell Inspiron 11.6″ HD Touchscreen 2 in 1 Tablet Laptop Computer
– A docking station
Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD/4K Triple Display Docking Station (D3100)
– An extra power supply
– Dual monitors
– Speakers AND headphones
– USB Stick with encryption
– External keyboard and wireless mouse
– A Good Antivirus

Dave’s misc extras to think about

Chargers for devices. Extras needed. I recommend the Anker Elite Dual Port Charger. In fact get two because you’ll have plenty of devices to charge. Anker also makes some pretty awesome charging cables so if you find your lightning cable breaking(it will) grab some extras in varying lengths from Anker as well. They really are worth the money.

You need to eat something besides the McDonalds Dollar Menu so outfit that kitchen with a few handy devices that let you eat healthier home cooked food without much hassle. Start with the InstantPot for super versatility and this is the smaller size perfect for just one or two people. Another staple for any dorm room is the George Foreman Grill. Let’s you quickly and easily take care of all your meaty needs. Of course if you’re burning the midnight oil you’ll likely discover your appreciation for the morning coffee and why not grab a coffee pot that is programmable so it’s ready when you wake up. This one from Hamilton Beach would be great. One note-skip the Kuerig, yeah they are handy and quick but you’ll find it costs way too much money on a college student budget and probably isn’t worth it. Of course you need to stay hydrated so a simple Brita Water Pitcher gives you clear cold water and if you want to save a little money and skip buying soda grab a SodaStream and enjoy your own soda and flavored sparkling water anytime you want.

Of course you need something fun to do so why not grab some fun games perfect for hanging out with friends. Games like SuperFight,Cards Against Humanity, Bad People, or Werewolf would be a perfect place to start! Because the college life can be at once amazing and terrible, creating memories and friendships that will last a lifetime I recommend getting in the habit of taking time to document and enjoy it. Things like a refillable Journal to write and document memories, a camera of some sort(bonus for using something like a Fuji Instax for having those actual tangible print photo memories!), and the use of an app like Shutterfly in which you can order unlimited 4×6 photos for free from your phone or mobile device. Those photos will be some of the biggest things you love years from now!

Geek Off:

**Miley Cyrus- six inches tall-with a T-Rex wearing a cone of shame Vs. Marshmallow Man-on fire-riding a battle cat **

Weekly Garnish:

Expand Your iPhone For Just $15!
Have you ever heard the expression “never say never”? Well it doesn’t apply to Apple when it comes to the dream of iPhones with microSD card slots. It’s never, ever going to happen because Apple makes way too much money charging an extra $150 for iPhones with more internal storage. Apple is typically a pretty pro-consumer company, but it’s not ever going to change this policy. The Difini Lightning MicroSD and SD Card Reader isn’t a true workaround, but it is a great solution that allows you to offload your photos and videos to a memory card. It also lets you view photos and videos from your digital camera that are saved on an SD card, so that’s an added bonus. For $15, you really can’t go wrong.

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What the guys are doing outside the podcast:

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digitalSoup Unsigned Spotlight (Dinner Music):

This Week’s Track – “Bounce” by A Joker’s Rage

Hailed as ‘The ultimate show stealers’ with a limited edition, liquorice allsorts bag of rock & roll. A Joker’s Rage continue to hone their craft since forming in 2013. The band’s captivating and intense high-energy performances transport audiences back to a time where the crowd feel like they’re just as much a part of the music as the four face painted ring leaders executing it from the stage. Don’t be fooled by any stereotypes about bands wearing make up either. Their subtle mime/joker like appearance only serves as a catalyst towards their philosophy of escaping the harsh realities of life through music. It’s called #GameFace. A ‘war paint’ attitude fighting against society’s pitfalls and often rebelling against the higher powers of greed who prey on the weak.

Check them out at their official website

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