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Weekly Garnish 001 – “Verizon throttling, Apple revives, and did someone say free beer?”

Buckle up for the all new Weekly Garnish as we talk about Verizon throttling the California Fire Department, Apple reviving ghosts of computing past, a way to score some free beer, and a guy named Paul Flart going viral by farting…then getting fired! 

Can you hear me now?

Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during California Wildfire and forced them to upgrade to a larger data plan. Verizon issued a statement saying it shouldn’t have happened and it was a customer service issue they are looking into, but it’s not the first time this throttling has happened.

Apple bringing back two forgotten favorites?

According to a recent article, Apple is reportedly reviving two of its forgotten products, the MacMini and the Macbook Air. I know one guy who’ll be excited by at least one of those!

Googles convoluted location tracking policies have them facing a class action lawsuit that could change everything!

While the issue with Google continuing to track users even after services were turned off is a big one, steps are being taken in a class action lawsuit that, if approved could see huge monetary penalties and even a loss of business license in California.

Fire up Instagram, it’s time to read that novel!

New York Public Library has plans to use Instagram Stories to encourage young readers to read more. It is limited to just one book – Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, with plans for two more in the coming months, but it’s a different use of Instagram than I’ve ever seen so yay innovation.

Interested in free beer? Check out PintPass!

In exchange for your feedback you can earn money towards beer. While data mining is always a concern, PintPass is attempting to stay very transparent with what data is collected and how it’s used. While still in beta, if you love beer this may be a great way to turn your thoughts into a Stout Ale.  

Netflix rolls out ads into its service but there is a way to opt out, with a catch.

With news about Netflix inserting ads…um…excuse me, “Recommendations”, into your feed it seems that at least you can turn off those recommendations. However you have to access netflix from a browser on your PC or Tablet as the options to opt out are not available in the app itself.

Netflix does have one good “Recommendation” though, and it’s to bring back GLOW for Season 3!

Even though they are cutting many of their original shows, the gorgeous ladies of wrestling get another season. Will they be on the card for Wrestlemania next?

Paul Flart is fired, but his career may be taking off.

Paul Flart is a security guard that went viral for recording his farts on the job, has indeed been fired. While the farting wasn’t the issue, the fact he was recording himself in company uniform and on company property is what brought his downfall. He even live streamed his firing on IG Live, but now Reddit is telling him to keep it going, get an agent and contact Jimmy Kimmel. Be careful what you put online folks, it may cost you your job or make you an internet celebrity…..known as “that farting guy”…

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