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Episode 089 “Adobe Hacking, Microsoft Subscribing and Netflix Ad Opting out!”

This week, the guys talk Commodore 64 Mini, a rare Photoshop exploit, and Lenovo’s latest entries into the lower cost tablet market.  Then it’s Usually Dave vs Adam as they argue who would win – a diving helmet wearing, fire-breathing meatloaf or 50 duck-sized glass horses with nunchucks.  Stick around!

Correction: The C64 Mini will officially be arriving October 9th in the USA

Last week Jason broke the news to his co-hosts that the C64 Mini was already released, he failed to mention that was in the UK a few months ago. But this October gamers in the US will be able to get their hands on this hardware without importing.

Photoshop Users, Update now to avoid getting hacked.

Ugh, just when it seems like there couldn’t possibly be yet another way for hackers to get into your machine. Turns out Photoshop has a vulnerability issue via it’s CC programs and while Photoshop isn’t typically a target for hackers, it’s a big vulnerability. The good news is that Adobe has released updates to fix the issue, you just need to update now.

Lenovo is betting their tablet will still be successful in a declining market.

What do we know about Lenovo tablets? These offerings look pretty decent for the price, great mix of performance/budget, but are tablets still necessary in today’s world? What does the future of the tablet market look like with bigger phones now beginning to dominate?

More Microsoft Subscription News! This time for the XBox?!

Timing is everything and just after the big Windows Subscription fiasco it appears that Microsoft is looking to sell you bundle that will include an XBox One console, XBox Live and GamePass all for a single monthly subscription. It appears you’ll still be able to purchase consoles separately as you do now however this is a great way to get an XBox into more peoples hands…kind of like how we used to rent systems from Blockbuster but you actually get to keep this!

Don’t want to see those “ads” in Netflix? Then opt out my brother!

With Netflix open in a browser (you can’t do this in the apps), tap the tribar options button in the top left (on mobile) or click your profile picture in the top right (on a computer) and then choose Account. On the Account page, scroll down to the Settings section and select Test Participation. You will see a single toggle switch for Include Me In Tests and Previews. Toggle it Off and then click or tap Done.

Geek Off:

Fire breathing Meatloaf locked in an antique diver helmet

50 duck sized horses made of glass armed with nunchucks-

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digitalSoup Unsigned Spotlight:

This Week’s Track – “From The Grey House” by Minus Alive

Minus Alive are an alt-rock band from Southampton, UK. Formed on the first day of 2018, the 4 piece consisting of Ollie Butler (vocals/guitar), Robin Small (guitar), Max Bakker (bass/vocals) and new addition Sam Garnett (drums) have quickly made a name for themselves on the live music scene. With their first single “From The Grey House” already under their belt and an EP due out later this year, Minus Alive are ones to watch out for!

Check them out at their official website

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