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Weekly Garnish 002 – “Can you boost your productivity by being lazy?”

Pull up a chair! We’ve got stories from Disney and their streaming service, why being lazy might boost your productivity, a new Amazon series, John Wick is fighting on horseback, and so much more! 

Disney streaming service news

While Disney looks to compete with Netflix they give their new service a name finally, Disney Play. They do have a great library of big name properties to choose from, think Marvel, Star Wars, etc. , but seems they realize they just don’t have the ability to compete with the volume of Netflix so…they’re going to undercut them in price.

Want to boost your productivity, get lazy.

According to a recent TIME article, being lazy can boost not only your productivity but your creativity as well. Science backs this up in fact because being lazy and allowing yourself to be bored let’s your mind rest, which helps you to plan better and allows your mind to wander enough to let new ideas pop up. So put your feet up and when your boss yells at you, link them this article and tell them you’re just getting into ultra productivity mode.

New photos from Amazon’s “The Romanoffs” released

The creator of the hit series Mad Men has a new show being released on Amazon and it looks pretty cool. It’s a bit of an anthology type of series that will contain 8 separate episodes following a different cast in each that all think they are descendants of the Russian royal family. With some big names on board and what appears to be that beautiful cinematic look from Mad Men this is a series you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Cyberpunk 2077 gets a massive gameplay trailer

We discussed this game from CD Projekt Red back in our big E3 coverage Episode #79 and now we have a massive gameplay trailer, to the tune of 48 minutes! While the developers say that game isn’t finished yet and this is just an early version it’s looking pretty awesome. Put your feet up and give it a watch if you are interested in this game.

John Wick on a horse?

No this isn’t a game of SuperFight, it’s some new images and video that is presumed to be from the upcoming John Wick 3 film. Let’s just say it looks pretty crazy, and we mean that in the best way possible. I mean the fact he’s fighting on horseback with a pistol to a motorcyclists head is just insane!

You thought you had it rough?

A rare medical condition called hematidrosis is causing an 11 year old girl from Vietnam to sweat blood and apparently there isn’t much doctors can do to treat the condition as not much is actually known about why this happens.

Tired of standard emoji’s and stickers? Try this!

Google has updated their virtual keyboard known as Gboard to version 7.5 and that brings the ability to take a selfie and have the software turn it into a variety of different stickers and emoji’s. While this is similar to things like Bitmoji or Apple’s Memoji, the difference here is that it’s using machine learning to create hundreds of stickers based on your selfie.


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