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Weekly Garnish 003 – “Geralt, the last son of Krypton?”

Can killer drones save the world? Is Superman now a Monster Hunter? Polygon makes big changes and I’ve got a tip on a fantastic fitness app to help you get back in shape, the best part is that it’s absolutely free! All this and more in this edition of The Weekly Garnish!

Killer drones to save…the world?

Well, save the Great Barrier reef at least, which may save the world. Seems like a specific type of starfish, the Crown of Thornes starfish, is rapidly feeding on and destroying the reef. So scientists have developed autonomous underwater drones that hunt out the starfish, inject them with a toxin and kill them. Let’s hope you aren’t in the water when skynet takes over and decides to do the same with people!

Henry Cavill to play Geralt in the Netflix Witcher series

We’ve talked about the rumors before, but not it seems official that Henry Cavill will indeed be playing Geralt in the new Witcher series.

Googly eyed fish look fresher?

A fish market in Kuwait has been shut down for using stick on googly eyes on their fish in an attempt to make it look fresher. The thing is, would a fish with googly eyes on your market rack make you think it was appetizing?

There’s no place like home.

After having been stolen 13 years ago from the Judy Garland Museum here in Grand Rapids, MN, the missing pair of Judy Garland’s Ruby Slippers have turned up. Yes, these are the slippers Dorothy clicks her heels in to return home to Kansas in the classic Wizard of Oz movie. While we have no official word on where they’ve been, word is that they were found in a farmers field on the feet of a scarecrow, where they’d been the whole time…

Polygon eliminates scores in their reviews

In an effort to make their reviews match the modern gamer, Polygon is scrapping review scores in favor of criticism and curation. Hopefully they’ve figured out a way to maintain a consistent thread through the reviews, but most importantly I think it’s a great move as long as readers can remember that the reviews are just the opinion of the reviewer. They moved to a list of “Polygon Recommends” games, at least they didn’t steal the Souper Reviews model of Serve it up / Feed it to the dogs!

Best fitness app, for free?

Look, we geeks get a bad reputation for being overweight and out of shape. It’s good to keep on top of your health though and it seems that sports scientists think the Nike Training Club fitness app one of the best options, plus it’s free and customizable to your fitness goals.


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