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Episode 091 “Streaming Music, Turtle Fights, and RIP Burt Reynolds”

This week on digitalSoup, the guys remember Burt Reynolds, then talk a lot about music streaming before an epic fight between a laughing turtle in a hot air balloon and a mad scientist that can turn to steel with butter hands.  This is crazy.

It’s The End Of The PS2 (As We Know It)

For those still owning PlayStation 2s, Sony is set to put an end to its repair support for its second-generation console. According to reports, the PlayStation Clinic in Japan’s Iwate Prefecture that handles all of Sony’s gaming station repairs will no longer repair any PS2s after September 7.

Spotify and the Music Industry see tension grow

As deadlines loom for upcoming contract talks with all three major record labels, Spotify and the Music Industry seem to be on very shaky ground. Even though there has been growth in the music sector in recent years, the music industry claims services like Spotify are only popular because of the music, while Spotify claims it’s their attempts to innovate and make music more accessible that have had the impact.

How Do You Consume Music in 2018?

The three hosts have a discussion on how and where they listen to music.

Geek Off:

A turtle that can’t stop laughing and is in a hot air balloon


A mad Scientist that can turn to steel whose hands are covered in butter

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This Week’s Track – “Subject 028” by Semmelweis Reflex

Semmelwise Reflex is a five piece progressive metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. Their debut album “Remnants” was released back in 2016. The band was geographically separated for more than a year after the release since different members had to pursue different interests but we are once again living in Stockholm and are working on a new album.

Check them out at their Facebook Page

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