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Weekly Garnish 004 – “Shattering fluid, Cosmic Radio bursts, and Trebek shakes things up!”

From fluid that shatters like a solid, AI contacting cosmic beings, and more WOW from Owen Wilson than you can imagine to a great option for learning a new language, Adam brings us a jam packed Weekly Garnish to kick off your weekend!

Fluid that shatters instead of splatters when hit with a bat?

That’s the curiosity that is non-newtonian fluid. I’m not a scientist but think of it this way. Fluids like water, that coffee you’re drinking, or maybe it’s later on a Friday and you’re enjoying a cold beer to kick off your weekend, those are all known as Newtonian fluids. Meaning they have a constant flow and viscosity, they take the shape of whatever container they are in. Non-newtonian fluids don’t play by the same rules, however. Think of things like silly putty or Oobleck, that fun mixture of cornflour and water. The more you apply pressure or stress to it, the more it acts like a solid. Here’s a great scientific explanation if you want to know more.  But if you go check out this article on The Nerdist, you can see the strange way that these non-newtonian fluids react when being smacked with a baseball bat…in glorious slow motion!

Hello….is there anybody out there?

With the help of AI, radio astronomers are analyzing more than 400 terabytes of data and are finding some interesting results. From more than 3 billion light years away from earth they have detected some fast radio bursts, or cosmic radio bursts. They are still a mystery, the exact location is unknown, but they are there nonetheless. Could it be that skynet gives us the key to not only the terminators, but the ability to communicate with the Predator and Xenomorphs?

Gaming is still rising in popularity!

Based on a recent article in Variety, nearly 70% of Americans or roughly 211 million people, play video games. No surprise here, digitalSoup is your geek headquarters after all! The big surprise is HOW they are playing them. For most, if you ask them to describe playing video games the first answer will likely be XBox/PS4/Switch. You’d think console gaming was the most common form of gaming…and you’d be wrong. Try the THIRD most popular form of gaming. Based on the study done by  Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, 90% of people play games on their smartphone/tablet mobile devices. Coming in second is PC gamers at 52% and consoles at just 43% of the market. I still have a hard time calling my time playing Marvel Puzzle Quest as I fall asleep at night, gaming.


If you’ve listened to our show, you’ll likely have heard the occasional Owen Wilson impersonation by our very own Adam, a simple but totally effective statement. Wow! That’s right, we all know Owen Wilson loves to say Wow, but check out this video of Every Owen Wilson Wow from his films!

Sign Me Up for the Moon!

In February of 2017, SpaceX announced they were planning to send two people to the Moon.  I’m not either of them, but what an exciting sounding trip! While there aren’t any details available yet, they have officially signed up their first passenger to fly in their BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) This ship is being designed to transport passengers to the moon and even Mars.  On Monday, the 17th, SpaceX plans to announce who is going, and why.

Suck it, Trebek!

Everyone’s favorite game show host, Alex Trebek, has debuted a big change on the 35th anniversary season of his show Jeopardy! While he used to be known for his killer ‘stache, he’s been clean shaven for a number of years…until now! He kicked off the 35th season rocking a silver fox, borderline Sean Connery style beard and fans on the internet are losing their minds. We only wish Connery could weigh in on it with Turd Ferguson.

Want to learn a new language? Try Duolingo!

So I wanted to throw an app in for you this week.  And for those of you interested in learning another language, I present to you Duolingo.  This easy to use language learning app is free and is actually quite easy to use!


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