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Joaquin Phoenix in Joker Makeup – First Look

About a week ago we got our first look at Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck. The man who would become the Joker in the new Joker stand alone film set to release Oct. 4th, 2019. Take a look if you haven’t seen it yet.

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A little creepy but much more of the borderline homeless, fell on hard times look for Arthur. Less criminal mastermind and more desperate Dad, divorced and trying to provide for his 15 children.

Today via the Instagram account of Director Todd Phillips we saw the first camera test showing Arthur (Joaquin Phoenix) transforming from his desperate looking self into a very Pagliacci inspired clown faced Joker.


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Camera test (w/ sound). Joker.

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That sinister grin and laughter combined with the music and flashing lights as the transformation take hold give us our first taste of what the Clown Prince of Crime will look like. Presumably, Todd Phillips will share more via his Instagram as production continues to move forward so keep on eye on his Instagram Feed as we march towards the October 2019 release date.

I look forward to seeing how this film comes together, though my initial thoughts about an origin story for the Joker character still ring true. Rumor has it this film will follow a sort of elseworlds type of timeline and with the recent shake-ups in the DC film world that is probably a good idea.

In fact, it would be downright fun to have a whole bunch of stand alone DC films taking place in various elseworlds situations. Let’s just have some fun telling some of the lesser know stories in which we see a non traditional take on our favorite characters.

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