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Episode 094 “Star Wars Saturation and Getting the most out of your Google Apps”

This week the guys talk about near death experiences, Google App tips, and a whole lot about Star Wars and the MCU. Then a Spartan battles it out with the Marshmallow Man!

Finally PS4 Fortnite Players Can Kill Their Friends On Other Consoles!

Sony is finally enabling cross-play for Fortnite. The PlayStation 4 maker had been blocking cross-play and progression between Fortnite on PS4 and Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in recent months. The move angered Fortnite fans who couldn’t access progress, skins, and purchases on an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch if they’d played on a PS4. Sony now says it is enabling cross-play for Fortnite fans.

Have We Finally Figured Out The Secret Behind Near Death Experiences?

Scientists from the University of Kentucky have a theory that links it to REM sleep patterns and while it isn’t 100% proven, this one makes a lot of sense.

Tips for getting the most out of your favorite Google Apps

In a recent post from the Google Blog, they shared a whole bunch of cool tips to enhance your experience with your favorite apps. From easy ways to find cover versions of your favorite songs to helping you remember where you parked there are some really clever things hidden in plain sight that many might not know about.

Too Much Star Wars And The X-Men Finally In The MCU?

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Disney CEO Bob Iger said he made a bad decision to release a new Star Wars movie every year citing it was “Just too much too fast”. But never fear, they are not ending Star Wars, just slowing down the pace. Meanwhile the X-Men look poised to finally officially enter the MCU as current head Kevin Feige has been put in charge of the incoming Marvel properties. As Iger stated, “there shouldn’t be two Marvel’s”. (Discussion points- What would we like to see from the Star Wars Universe moving forward? What stories do we want more of or less of? What are the some awesome MCU movies you’d love to see with all the new properties coming into the fold with the MCU?)

Geek Off:

Spartan trapped in a potato sack that can summon anything from a hardware store
Flaming Marshmallow Man riding a battle cat

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This Week’s Track – “Nobody Knows Me Like You” by Saboteurs

Formed in Lincoln UK in late 2015, Ben Ellis was performing solo acoustic originals and playing in folk-punk band Dog Goblins while Rick Whitehead had been the lead songwriter and guitarist in alt-metal band, Tripswitch. The band racked up an extensive amount of gigs over the next 18 months including several festivals slots and supports with Black Balled (ft. Marshall Gill from New Model Army). They have a huge range of musical influences including New Model Army, Tool, Queens Of The Stone age, Deftones, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Siouxsie And The Banshees. Their music is totally and utterly from their hearts, knowing the importance of music to their lives.

Check them out at their Official Webpage

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