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Episode 097 “The Eager Beaver and Facebook Portal”

This week, the 3 amigos rail against the upcoming Facebook Portal, then they talk about a bunch of other stuff, including a very expensive Sega Genesis and AI digitized faces. They cap the episode with great free channels from Roku, then battle it out between a ninja beaver and a mad scientist!

Facebook Portal

Facebook is trying to jump into the video chat game, but by all accounts this thing appears to be DOA. Not to mention some concern about data that Facebook is collecting via the portal because… well… Facebook.
Media reports about Facebook Portal being DOA and Potentially Dangerous
USA Today Report
VentureBeat Report
Recode Report

XFL Jerseys Will Use Players’ Last Names Instead of Nicknames

Commissioner Oliver Luck told reporters the XFL jerseys will have “proper surnames” when the league debuts in 2020. Luck added that the league will also not reuse any of the logos or team names from its initial iteration.

The Sega Genesis Finallys Goes HD Thanks To Analogue

Finally you can break out all your old Sega Genesis cartridges and play them on a brand new machine thanks to Analogue. They just announced the Mega Sg, a re-creation of the original Sega Genesis hardware, up-scaled to 1080p. This is not a retro system with build in games like the NES Classic, this is an actual Sega Genesis system with perfectly replicated sound and up-scaled graphics!

Harrison Ford Inserted Into “Solo”

A fan made video, not the first of it’s kind, has inserted Harrison Ford into the more recent Solo : A Star Wars Story. This time using “deep learning” AI to insert Harrison Ford’s face over Alden Ehrenreic’s face. The results, a bit creepy.

Getting The Most From Your Roku

PC Mag has put out a list of what it deems to be the “best” totally free channels available on your Roku device. Many of these you may not know about and while that may be for the best with some of them, there are some pretty good options here for cord cutters everywhere.

Geek Off:

It’s Time For A Geek-Off!

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digitalSoup Unsigned Spotlight:

This Week’s Track – “Insidious Siren I – Overcome” by Barreleye

Barreleye rose up from the roots of Thrash Death Metal to reach a melodic and progressive path. Its first evidence of life was the release of the Virus EP in 2014, two years after Barreleye’s establishment. Once a stable line-up unfolded, numerous local shows were performed, followed by the release of the first full length album “Urged To Fall” in 2015. A powerful live performance combined with a good number of concerts organized at that time helped to quickly gain a visibility along with a fan base.

Check them out at their Facebook Webpage

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