Episode 100 “The digitalSoup Centennial Episode”

Episode 100 “The digitalSoup Centennial Episode”

The guys look back at the first 99 episodes, remembering some of their favorite segments and bits. Sprinkled in are messages from our listeners and then we bring the conclusion to our epic Super Fights battle.

Geek Off:

Two Little Rascals vs. Amish Darth Vader!

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What the guys are doing outside the podcast:

Jason – Classic Gaming CornerEmail Jason

Adam – Starfield Escape TwitterEmail Adam

Dave – David Szweduik PhotographyEmail Dave

digitalSoup Unsigned Spotlight:

This Week’s Track – “Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight” by Owl Kill

Owl Kill is a 5 piece rock band from Montville, NJ. Influenced mainly by the early 2000s rock scene, their music focuses on the daily struggles of life, how they effect us, and most importantly, how we overcome them. Owl Kill is currently in the process of recording their first album, which they aim to release in 2019.

Check them out at their Official Webpage

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