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Episode 102 “Retro Gaming Lootbox Magic and Daredevil Blindsided!”

This week we discover a great looking retro gaming loot box service, tackle the Marriott data breach, and then talk about the fall of Daredevil while Captain America may be rising from the ashes. Then we have a fun geek art recommendation you’ll NEED to take a look at!

Retro Game Treasure

Here is another company doing a loot box, but with a retro twist. For $35 (or less if you subscribe for multiple months) you get a classic chest filled with lots of classic gaming nostalgia including 3-5 retro games!

Another Massive Data Breach Potentially Impacting 500 Million People

This time is massive hotel chain Marriott suffering a massive data breach putting up to 500 million of their customers data at risk. They don’t seem positive yet what data was targeted but it appears to include everything from mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, passport numbers and yes, even credit card numbers. Seems this was all caused by a merger of computer systems and subsequent glitches between Marriott and Starwood, whom Marriott purchased in 2016. Um, glitches. I’d say.

Daredevil Is The Latest Hero To Fall At Netflix

Joining the ranks of Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and The Defenders, Daredevil has fallen to the mighty Netflix after an acclaimed third season. Will there be more for these heroes in the larger MCU, the new Disney + streaming service, or Hulu, or is this simply the end of the road? All that is left standing are Jessica Jones and The Punisher… but for how long?

Chris Evans’ “Captain America” Is Finished … Maybe

We’ve all heard the news last October when Chris Evans posted a “farewell” to fans as his filming wrapped on the as of yet untitled Avengers 5. Seemed like this was it, for real this time. Not like the other times he said goodbye until he re-negotiated his contract. This time it was for real. Most fans expected he’ll go out in historic and heroic fashion in the ultimate sacrifice to save the world from Thanos. But pump the dang brakes here… Joe Russo, Director of Avengers 5, has now hinted that Chris Evans may not be hanging up the shield after all… Meanwhile, Avengers fans starving for news, even the tiniest tidbits of information, lose their collective minds on the internet.

Tom Hanks to Star In The Next Live Action Disney Film – Pinocchio

Looks like the man who once played Mr. Walt Disney himself is set to become a father to a wooden puppet with a major problem telling the truth. A great actor indeed, but do we really need MORE of these live action remakes? Is it just Disney’s way of updating the graphics so to speak with their classic films?

Alex Gross Giving Geeks Everywhere A Look To A Past That Could’ve Been!

This is just a fun story of what happens when an artist takes Victorian era photos and puts a huge geek/pop culture spin on them with his artwork. Transforming vintage pictures into some of our favorite heroes and villians from comics and movies is nothing short of delightful!

Geek Off:

It’s Time For A Geek Off!

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This Week’s Track – “Captain” by Saboteurs

Formed in Lincoln UK in late 2015, Ben Ellis was performing solo acoustic originals and playing in folk-punk band Dog Goblins while Rick Whitehead had been the lead songwriter and guitarist in alt-metal band, Tripswitch. The band racked up an extensive amount of gigs over the next 18 months including several festivals slots and supports with Black Balled (ft. Marshall Gill from New Model Army). They have a huge range of musical influences including New Model Army, Tool, Queens Of The Stone age, Deftones, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Siouxsie And The Banshees. Their music is totally and utterly from their hearts, knowing the importance of music to their lives.

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