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Episode 103 “Marvelous Pill TikToks Off The Weight”

This week the guys discover a pill that will let Adam eat 100 Big Macs, the Playstation Classic receives less than stellar reviews, a couple great Captain Marvel stories, predators are on TikTok and then a battle of Books vs. Movies.

Scientists Working On Magic Pill That Lets You Eat Anything You Want.

With the laziness of today’s culture on full display, scientists led by Professor Damien Keating(is this a comic book villain name or what?) have been testing a pill that impacts the RCAN1 gene. In tests with rodents it has allowed them to gorge themselves on fatty foods and never gain weight. The reason has to do with how this gene allows that food to be transformed to brown fat instead of white fat, meaning it gets burned up as heat rather than being stored around your midsection. So… we’ll all be skinny versions of the human torch then? Great.

Jason Says The Playstation Classic Is Garbage (And Now You Can Load Your Own Games!)

After being one of the most outspoken proponents of the new classic gaming system from Sony, Jason has now decided that the PSClassic is actually a steaming pile of hot mess, cancelled his order, and purchased 15 new retropies instead!

Captain Marvel Trailer #2 Has Dropped

This last week Marvel Studios dropped the official second trailer for the upcoming Captain Marvel. This received a collective response of the internet losing it’s mind in love with the promise of the March release! How couldn’t we respond that way? We saw Nick Fury baby talking a cat for crying out loud! BUT…




Was Captain Marvel Setup To Fail?

In a recent Forbes article, they make the case that Captain Marvel is being set up to fail. Truthfully they make a valid point. These days the only thing that seems to matter in terms of if a movie is good or bad is the box office numbers. More specifically how they perform in relation to expectations. Just look to Solo : A Star Wars Story for a great example. If it doesn’t meet box office expectations the internet decides the movie sucks, the hate train gets rolling, and an otherwise perfectly enjoyable movie finds itself on the defensive for no reason at all. With many saying Captain Marvel will be the MCU’s next BILLION dollar title will we find the hate train rolling if this film only hits a $600-$700 million box office? Since when does the box office have to be the deciding factor on a movie being good/enjoyable anyways?

TikTok Has A Major Safety Problem For Kids

In yet another case of a super popular app with kids, it seems that the popular TikTok app is a dangerous place due to a large segment of the app that is nothing but hub for perverts trying to solicit nude images from underage kids. Stay vigilant parents.

Geek Off:

Books vs Movies – Which are better?

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