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Episode 106 “Marvel and A.I. and Aladdin … Oh My (George Takei) “

Dave and Adam had so much fun last week that they decided they don’t need Jason anymore and gave him the night off! The start off talking about Disney going full Marvel then talking about toys spoiling the plots of Marvel movies. Then Adam removes a rocket from his picture using AI then Dave gushes all over the Little Mermaid and how it is so much better than the new Aladdin.  Oh and they both talk about cookies for another hour!

digitalSoup Called It … Canceled Netflix Marvel Shows Possibly Coming To Disney+

Kevin Mayer, the Disney executive in charge of the company’s planned Netflix-rival streaming service called Disney+, said he’d consider reviving the programs in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter this week.

When Will Toys Stop Spoiling The Movie?

It seems that once again, a leaked toy may be an indicator for potential spoilers in a major motion picture. This time with Avengers : Endgame.

New Websites Removes Backgrounds With AI!

This is normally a pretty tedious process in photoshop, but a free online tool from is claiming they can intelligently remove those distracting backgrounds in your photos simply and for free. Jason is outraged!

First Look At The Live Action Aladdin

Ok, let’s talk about this because… really?!

Geek Off:

Adam & Dave battle it out over the best Christmas Cookie!

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digitalSoup Unsigned Spotlight:

This Week’s Track – “Lost In The Fog” by Lost In The Fog

Lost is the Fog is an Indie Hipster-Pop group from Northern Ireland. Their debut album just dropped June 22nd.

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