Episode 107 “You Need Some Soldering?”

Episode 107 “You Need Some Soldering?”

We are a trio once again! Jason is back and full of energy as we cover gaming news from Sony and Soulja Boy, an awesome tribute to Chris Farley from his good friend Adam Sandler, it’s digitalSoup Quiz show time, and we begin the process of choosing the BEST Batman movie of all time!

Soulja Boy’s Consoles Come To An End

As predicted by the digitalSoup gang Soulja Boy’s emulated consoles are no more. Even after insisting his consoles were fully licensed and legit they have been yanked from the shelves. I guess Nintendo told Soulja to “crank this!”

Already Bought A Playstation Classic For $100? Don’t Be Mad But …

Less than a month after release Sony has dropped the price of their Playstation Classic to $60, now that is showing confidence in their product!

Adam Sandler’s Tribute To Chris Farley

Near the end of Adam Sandler’s recent Netflix comedy special 100% Fresh, the comedian shared a heartfelt musical tribute to his longtime friend and fellow former Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Farley.

Fox Recuts the ‘Die Hard’ Trailer to Argue It’s “Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told”

Shortly before Christmas Fox had released a new trailer for the original “Die Hard” movie making it look like the greatest Christmas comedy movie ever!

Ray Sawyer, Singer Of Dr. Hook, Dead At Age 81

Ray Sawyer, the Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show member who sang the 1973 Shel Silverstein-penned hit “The Cover of ‘Rolling Stone,’” has died at the age of 81.The Alabama-born Sawyer – who founded the group with Dennis Locorriere, Billy Francis and George Cummings – was a member of Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show from 1969 to 1981. A few years before the band’s formation, Sawyer lost his right eye in a car accident; Sawyer wore an eyepatch that made him resemble the Peter Pan villain Captain Hook, which served as the inspiration for the Dr. Hook moniker.

WWE Announcer ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund Dead At 76

Announcer “Mean” Gene Okerlund died Wednesday at the age of 76, according to an announcement by World Wrestling Entertainment, which employed him on and off since 1984. No cause of death was announced. Okerlund began his career in 1970 working for the American Wrestling Association before joining WWE.

Geek Off:

What is the best Batman movie of all time!

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This Week’s Track – “Merciless Circus” by Clawhammer

Clawhammer is a heavy/doom/stoner/blues metal band from Mississippi consisting of Paul Craig on vocals and Paul Hill on guitar when they are not busy being truck drivers. They are probably the best kept secret in rock and roll. Clawhammer has existed since 2015 and has released four albums of original material, one EP and one Ozzy tribute album.

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