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Episode 108 “Bird Box And Impossible Burger Ranting”

Wow, a lot of conversation in this show! The guys discuss the merits of a potentially amazing new photo technology, then talk about if your doorbell camera is spying on you, followed by a tremendous rant about burgers! You’re not gonna want to miss this!

Arsenal – Awesome Tech Or The Cheaters Way? 

Launched via kickstarter and become wildly successful, this little device uses AI to help you do everything needed to make perfect photos every time. But, is that really a good thing?

Is Your Ring Doorbell Camera System Spying On You?

The Intercept quotes unnamed sources who confirm that engineers and executives at Ring have “highly privileged access” to live customer camera feeds, utilizing both Ring’s doorbells as well as its in-home cameras. All that’s apparently required to tap into the live feeds is a customer’s email address.

Best of C.E.S. … the Impossible Burger 2.0!

Impossible Foods, the maker of the so-called “bleeding” plant-based Impossible Burger, unveiled a new version of the “beef” product Monday at CES 2019. With the soft bun, tangy sauce, zesty crunch of barely-there raw onion and refreshing crisp of lettuce and tomato. Combined with the juicy, chewy patty, it tasted amazing because it tasted like a real burger. What is the Impossible Burger? A plant-based patty that bleeds and sizzles when it cooks. It’s made using an ingredient called haem (or heme, an iron-containing compound that’s abundant in animal muscle) and aims to mimic that basic moreish meaty flavour. Also check out Ant Pruitt’s Twitter feed for CES2019 coverage.

Bungie And Activision Split

What appears to be great news for Bungie but maybe not so great for Activision it appears this dynamic duo has reached it’s end. Bungie says they will retain the popular Destiny franchise and claim to have some exciting announcements coming as their employees popped champagne at the announcement. Meanwhile Activision seems to be spiraling with a future leaving many wondering just what else they may have left in the tank.

The Atari VCS Has Surpassed Three Million On IndieGoGo!

The Atari VCS has raised over three million dollars on IndieGoGo but we still don’t know anything about it’s games or an exact release date. That is a lot of money for so much uncertainty.

Bird Box … A Mini Souper Review!

The guys decide to dive into their thoughts on the movie that has created thousands of memes and stupid challenges. Also check out the Bird Box Toy!

Geek Off:

Batman Geek Off Round 2!

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This Week’s Track – “Souls Burning” by Elevation Falls

rish Rock Band Elevation Falls sound is classic rock to hard rock, mingled with blues and soul, and their performance full of movement. From raging foot stomping beats to epic drama, they sweep audiences along with them on a musical journey. Fronted by the incredibly powerful & unique vocal talents of singer/songwriter Hazel Jade, our Warrior Queen! HJ formed the band in late 2012 & has been likened in ability to many great female singers by a number of industry professionals such as Pat Benatar and Ann Wilson(Heart) , you will not mistake her vocal for any other artist.

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